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Jaclyn Diaz

Jaclyn Diaz is a reporter on Newshub.

She frequently covers breaking news and major events for NPR's digital desk. She traveled to China to cover the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics (which involved staying in a strict COVID-19-safe bubble) and Israel to cover the attacks of Oct. 7 and the war's impact on Palestinians and Israelis.

She also regularlycovers criminal justice issues, with a special focus on our nation's prisons and jails.

During the summer of 2023, she spent a few months on the Washington Desk to help cover the Justice Department during one of the busiest summers for the agency — when former President Donald Trump faced multiple criminal indictments.

Before coming to NPR in 2020, she was a reporter for Bloomberg Law, covering labor issues, and for The Norwich Bulletin, covering the small communities of Eastern Connecticut.

While she's at home in Maryland with her husband and cuddling with her dog, Duncan, you can read her stories online and occasionally hear her on Morning Edition, Up First or All Things Considered where she discusses things like why there's an uptick in human and owl confrontations.