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The Spring 2019 Fundraiser is underway on WMRA, and our goal is $155,000 by Tuesday, April 9th. Please contribute today!

In 2015, we started this idea of fundraising in way that preserves every moment of every program you love and support... and this More News, Less Noise model is still going strong today, thanks to your contribution. If you haven't done so already, please consider becoming a sustaining member and make sure that WMRA can continue to serve your community for years to come!

WMRA brings you local news and information, regional news from Virginia Public Radio, and national and international news from NPR and the BBC. Day in and day out, you can rely upon WMRA for in-depth journalism and reasoned discussions of the issues and events of our time. When you contribute to WMRA, you'll be making this valuable service possible. 

Programs like Morning Edition with Bob Leweke and All Things Considered with Kimberlea Daggy, and all of our local news features and reports are dependent on listener support.  

Make a Donation to WMRA   Support Classical Music on WEMC

We've got new thank you gifts!  Find out more about all thank you gifts including our new WMRA socks and the digital subscription to the Washington Post here

Become a Sustaining Member and we’ll continue to charge your debit or credit card for ongoing payments until you tell us to stop. Minimum $10 per month. Each year at renewal, you’ll receive a letter and you’ll be able to choose the current thank you gift for your contribution level and tell us whether you want a MemberCard, and also whether you want to increase your monthly giving amount. Be sure to check the box for "I want to be a sustaining member." Or you can give a one time lump sum payment or installment giving. Thanks for your support!

You may also call in your contribution:  800-NPR-WMRA (800 677-9672).

If you prefer to send a check, please address it to:
983 Reservoir St.
Harrisonburg, VA 22801

Please note: a $50 fee will be assessed for any check returned by the bank.

Thank you for your support!

WEMC is Virginia's first public radio station, founded by Eastern Mennonite University in 1955.  Today it serves the Shenandoah Valley with a wealth of classical music, including weeknight showcases of live recordings by orchestras from Chicago, Pittsburgh, New York, and around the Valley. 

Support Classical Music on WEMC

What if I'd like to increase, decrease, or otherwise change my sustaining membership? 
You can try out our new on-line system for managing your membership...

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... or just give us a call!  800-NPR-WMRA (800-677-9672).

What if I need to change my credit card information?  If your expiration date has changed, or if you would like to have your monthly sustaining membership fulfilled with a different card than we have on file, call 800-NPR-WMRA (800-677-9672) and ask for our Membership Director, Scott Lowe.

I need to get a copy of my contribution information for tax purposes.  We're happy to provide you a copy of the form that indicates the tax deduction you're entitled to when you contribute to WMRA.  Just call 800-NPR-WMRA (800-677-9672) and ask for our Membership Director, Scott Lowe.

I'm able to make a large donation and would like to join WMRA's Leadership Circle.  Great!  Thank you for helping us to serve our community.  Please give us a call (800-677-9672), and ask for Executive Director & General Manager, Matt Bingay.

At WMRA and WEMC, we have two main goals for the 2018-2019 fiscal year.

The first goal is to raise $775,000 in membership funds for the fiscal year 2018-2019. This is a very modest increase of 3.3% over last year.   To get to the goal, we need both new members and current members who renew by responding to our mail or by going online to make a secure donation.  

Thanks to the ongoing contributions of our sustaining members, which is now up to 50% of our membership, we've completely eliminated a summer fundraiser that we had held for many, many years.  The sustainer program is working, and your support in this way makes a huge difference in how we can plan our budget, which in turn affects every aspect of our service.

The second goal helps secure the long-term future of WMRA and WEMC.  We call it the "Two Percent Solution."  Here's what we mean by that:  At present, 7% of our listeners are members.  That is, for every 100 people who regularly listen to WMRA or WEMC, about seven people make a regular contribution.  We want to raise that figure by two percent this year.  We want at least 9% of our listeners to be regular contributors.

That's for the long haul.  If 9% of our listeners are contributors, the sustainability of this station and the public service it provides won't be in question.  In fact, we'll be able to build upon the service we've already established, increasing our news coverage of local events and issues, and improving and growing our local productions and on-air and on-line distribution.

It is easy to help. Contribute as a sustaining member, and we can keep this going.  You listen, please support.  If one out of ten listeners supported WMRA and WEMC as a sustaining member, we could potentially eliminate all fundraisers.  Please, be that one.

Make a Donation to WMRA   Support Classical Music on WEMC