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WMRA Daily
Weekday Podcast

The WMRA Daily brings you the latest local, regional and statewide news for the Shenandoah Valley and Central Virginia.

Latest Episodes
  • We meet volunteers at a local nonprofit that helps low-income residents fix up their homes... A group of JMU journalism students is in Milwaukee this week, covering the Republican National Convention... Contrary to claims made at that convention, crime is down significantly across the country, including in Virginia, and we look at the numbers....
  • President Biden and former President Trump are essentially tied in Virginia, according to a new poll of voters... Iconic local artist P. Buckley Moss passes away... We tour the Piedmont Memorial Overlook near Front Royal....
  • A local grocer is recognized as a finalist for a national award... Registrars across Virginia deal with security issues... An Anglican bishop in Harrisonburg regularly returns to his homeland in Sudan to help his people during an ongoing civil war....
  • Virginia politicians condemn Saturday’s attempted assassination of former President Donald Trump… New federal funding will go to agencies in Harrisonburg and Luray to reduce youth substance use… Some Virginia legislators want to help those who have lost access to Medicaid….
  • Shenandoah County’s school board bans “political” flags, including the Pride flag… Louisa County issues strict rules on water usage, as drought conditions worsen… November election issues top the week’s political headlines in Virginia, and Jeff Schapiro is here to talk about it….
  • Representative Bob Good formally requests a recount… Phone scammers are increasingly active in the WMRA region… Dominion Energy explores a small nuclear reactor project in Louisa County….
  • Governor Youngkin orders schools statewide to go cellphone-free… Even with extra money ordered by the General Assembly, Virginia’s Medicaid program is over-budget… A new study shows that low-income mothers aren’t getting the care they’ve been promised….
  • Senator Tim Kaine stands behind President Biden’s decision to stay in the race, but other Virginia Democrats aren’t so sure… Meanwhile, the Virginia Bar Association cancels its planned debate between Kaine and Republican challenger Hung Cao… Rodents captured in Virginia this summer – a type of woodrat -- are headed to breeding programs in other states to help bolster the populations there….
  • Much of our region is now under a severe drought… Senator Mark Warner’s effort to organize other Democratic senators to persuade President Biden to bow out of the race has reportedly been called off, for now… Among the new Virginia laws in place last week, one involves cocktails to go….
  • A declared winner, and a recount, in Virginia’s 5th district, and a resolution on a veterans’ benefit program… Jeff Schapiro joins us to review the week in Virginia politics….