WMRA News & Information Fund

WMRA's News and Information Fund is used exclusively to pay for local news reporting. Our News Director, Bob Leweke, works with a team of freelance journalists to cover events and issues germane to our community.

We've received contributions to this fund ranging from ten dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. All contributions are welcome and important.

Our expense for a single news story is around 400 dollars. A five-story series, like our look at Food Insecurity in Virginia, costs about 2,000 dollars.

You can contribute on-line using the button to the right; if you have any questions, please call our Interim General Manager, Matt Bingay, at 540-568-7884.

Contribute to WMRA's News and Information Fund

Each day WMRA broadcasts issues that impact our daily lives. Through balanced, in-depth reports we help to deepen understanding about issues that matter to all of us stimulating discussions and building interest in topics that might otherwise never come to light.
Since September of 2014, WMRA with the guidance and support of our Community Advisory Council, has aired nearly 200 stories a year regarding those issues that affect us in our daily lives, stories that have been produced by independent local reporters from Harrisonburg, Lexington, Charlottesville, and Staunton and vetted by WMRA’s News Director Bob Leweke.
WMRA’s stories have covered topics on science and technology, the arts and the environment and other stories of interest to those of us who call this region our home. The stories that have been broadcast have also reached others on other media platforms that have been archived on WMRA’s website. Some stories have gone viral bringing attention to the world of how our region deals with issues that are a part of our daily life.
The goal of the News & Information Fund is to develop the resources to have an informed citizenry that guide our decisions going forward and begin informed discussions on those local issues that we all face on a day to day basis.
It is our hope that you will consider financially supporting our efforts with a gift to the fund that fuels these reports. The only way we can tackle the issues we face is to be informed with information on multiple sides of those issues, that is the role of WMRA and that is the role of our local News & Information Fund.
Please consider a gift today that will support our continued efforts to bring local issues to light. We thank you in advance for your  consideration and support.

Questions? Want to contribute? Contact Matt Bingay, Interim General Manager at  (540) 568-7884 or bingaymc@jmu.edu.

Thanks to all our Contributors, including:

Bibb and Dolly Frazier
Les and Johnny Grady
Pam and Jim Huggins
Eugene Stoltzfus Architects
Janet Trettner
Nancy Barbour
Joy Loving

Kline May Realty

An Anonymous Donor
A Donor-Advised Fund at the Community Foundation of Harrisonburg and Rockingham County


Contribute to WMRA's News and Information Fund