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On "Becoming American"

Andrew Jenner

If you heard any part of the WMRA News Department’s recent series of stories on new American citizens, you probably found yourself moved with emotion as you listened.

Here there were tales of hardship, of hard work, of dreams, of determination, and of joy.

You may also have found yourself thinking, "I never knew how much people like this went through to become part of our society."

Your reactions are welcome as we peer into behind scenes detail about creation of the Becoming American series.  We will also learn much more about the journey, that so many millions have now taken, from foreigner to citizen.

NOTE: This was an encore broadcast which originally aired October 30, 2014.

Elizabeth Girvan - Executive Director of the nonprofit learning, literacy, and citizenship-preparation agency Skyline Literacy.

Andrew Jenner - Freelance journalist.  Creator of the Becoming American series that aired on WMRA during September and October of 2014.

Viktor Sokolyuk -  Naturalized U.S. citizen originally from Ukraine.  Director of Virginia Immigration Services for the Church World Service Immigration and Refugee Program.

Tom Graham was Senior Producer and host of WMRA's Virginia Insight from 2006 to 2015.