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Roller Derby and Religion

Kelly Figueroa-Ray geared-up for roller derby under her rinkname Bible ThumpHer alongside Erin "Sew Crafty" West

On this episode of The Spark: “Five Things the Church Can Learn from Women’s Roller Derby” is a Kelly Figueroa-Ray  essay for the Huffington Post.  Religion-blogger Kelly Figueroa-Ray has a divinity degree from Wesley and also actually does do roller derby --under the rinkname Bible ThumpHer.
She's also a graduate research assistant with UVa's  Project on Lived Theology.  

In our radio chat, she mentions Martin Luther King’s Mountaintop speech.

Her Huffington Post page has more essays.

Marth Woodroof has retired from WMRA and is now spending her time as a full-time writer and published author.