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Snap Judgment
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Snap Judgment is a storytelling phenomenon that has been electrifying audiences nationwide. Created by Glynn Washington and co-produced by WNYC Studios, Snap delivers a raw, intimate, musical brand of narrative - daring audiences to see the world through the eyes of another.

Credit Smeeta Mahanti
Glynn Washington - Host of Snap Judgement

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  • “Boricua En La Luna” is a classic anthem about a young man born outside Puerto Rico, who dreams of going back to his parents’ home but never does. Based on a poem written by Juan Antonio Corretjer, the song vividly evokes themes of displacement and connection. And it asserts that Puertoricanness exists no matter where one lives, declaring, “yo seria borincano aunque naciera en la luna” – “I would be Puerto Rican even if I were born on the moon.” But… what would happen if someone Puerto Rican were actually born on the moon? This week on Snap, we bring you an amazing story from “La Brega” a co-production of WNYC Studios and Futuro Studios. They asked the acclaimed Puerto Rican writer Sergio Gutiérrez Negrón to answer this question in a short fictional story. Kelvin is the first human born on the moon, and finds himself growing up there alone. By listening to recordings sent by his grandmother, he learns to love the island he’s never seen. But when he finally meets someone else on the lunar surface, Kelvin is faced with a dilemma about his attachment to both the moon and to Puerto Rico, and how much he can hold onto his two identities. Performances by Keren Lugo (Jessica), Nancy Ticotin (Marielena) and Jesús del Orden (Kelvin). Sound design by Joe Plourde. Listen to the Spotify playlist, featuring music from this episode – and this season of La Brega. They add to it each week as new episodes come out. Special thanks to Kelly Gillespie, Ana María Dîaz Burgos, Orlando Javier Torres, Juanluis Ramos, and Olga Casanova-Burgess. And thank you to the other voices who brought this episode to life: Brian Lehrer, Melissa Harris Perry, Nancy Solomon, Stephen Nessen, Jeff Spurgeon, Kerry Nolan, Terrance McKnight, Brigid Bergin, Natalia Ramirez and Elliott Forrest. Fact checking by Istra Pacheco and Maria Soledad. This season of La Brega is made possible by the Mellon Foundation. Artwork by Fernando Norat Season 14 - Episode 10
  • A computer hacker tries to make his way home through two countries, dense jungle, and a seemingly endless string of technical challenges. Produced by Adizah Eghan + Levi Vonk, original score by Renzo Gorrio Artwork by Teo Ducot Snap Classic – Season 10 Episode 4
  • On the frozen tundra, a polar bear guide wakes up to a loud THUMP on the side of his ice buggy. It’s his 1,000 pound buddy, Dancer. And he wants a cup of coffee. Thank you, Dennis Comparye, for sharing your story with us! To learn more about his work to help the Polar Bears, email Dennis: polarbearfilmfund@gmail.com Produced by Anna Sussman, original score by Dirk Schwarzhoff, artwork by Teo Ducot Season 14 - Episode 8
  • When a tsunami wipes out everything Rizal’s ever known, he has to find a way to survive on his own. Thanks so much to, Rizal Sahputra, who spoke with us over the course of several years for this story! Learn more about Rizal’s story or email him: rizalcalang1984@gmail.com Produced by Liz Mak, original score by Renzo Gorrio, artwork by Teo Ducot Season 14 - Episode 7
  • In every ballet studio, there is a wall of mirrors. It reflects the people within. They’re part of a closed, elite group that asks for sacrifice and devotion from its members. This insular community produces iconic artists. It’s founded on a strict power structure, often with one man at the top. By tracing the origins of this unusual lifestyle, starting with the legacy of choreographer George Balanchine and the intimate stories of young dancers, we expose the beauty of an art form and the complexity of ballet culture. This episode contains sexual misconduct. Sensitive listeners, please be advised. This story came to us from the podcast The Turning from creators Rococo Punch and iHeartPodcasts. It was produced by Erika “Once a Snappa always a Snappa” Lantz and Alin Lantz Lesser. Editing by Emily Forman. Sound Design by James Trout. Assistant Producer is Jessica Kariisa. Digital production by Andrea Asuaje. Fact checking by Andrea López-Cruzado. Executive producers Jessica Alpert, John Perotti, Katrina Norvell, and Nikki Ettore. There are more episodes of The Turning, exploring the world of ballet, you can find wherever you get your podcasts. Find more information and pictures on Instagram @RococoPunch. Season 14 - Episode 6
  • A suitcase filled with old audiotapes ignites a woman’s imagination. A doppelgänger finds out that she looks like one of the most famous people in the country - who everybody hates. And a whirlwind romance goes south. STORIES Dueling Dads Glynn comes face to face with his nemesis in the least likely of places... a playground. Produced by Pat Mesiti-Miller Suitcase of Love and Shame In 2009, Jane Gillooly came across an item on Ebay that piqued her imagination. The picture was of a suitcase filled with old audiotapes. The listing’s title was “Suitcase of Love and Shame.” This story contains adult situations, young Snappas please be advised. You can purchase Jane’s feature-length documentary film, Suitcase of Love and Shame, on Amazon and learn more about it at Cinemaguild. Produced by Joe Rosenberg, original score by Leon Morimoto Tonya for Hire What if one day you found out you look like one of the most famous people in the country -- who everybody hates? Lynn Harris is an author, commentator, award-winning journalist and mostly-retired comedian. She has a business, Gold Comedy, that teaches comedy to teenage girls. You can find her performing on stage as Tonya Harding here. Produced by Liz Mak, original score by Leon Morimoto Love Rival After a whirlwind romance, Brian and Vanessa get married and move to Kinshasa. Everything is going well until she shows up. Thanks to Vanessa Woods for sharing her story. Love Rival was produced by Mira Burt-Wintonick and Cristal Duhaime with Jodie Taylor You can hear more at cbc.ca/loveme or subscribe on iTunes. Click here to listen to more of Jodie's work. Produced by Mira Burt-Wintonick, Cristal Duhaime, and Jodie Taylor Artwork by Teo Ducot Snap Classic - Season 14 - Episode 5
  • A rookie pilot, a prominent politician, a cop, and a criminal find themselves enduring freezing temperatures in the remote wilderness after their plane crashes in Northern Canada. A huge thank you to Erik Vogel, the late Larry Shaben, and his daughter Carol Shaben for sharing this story with Snap! There is so much more we are not able to share with you about Erik and Larry’s experience. To find out more about what transpired with Wapiti Flight 402, checkout Carol Shaben’s book, “Into the Abyss,” from Grand Central Publishing. Special thanks to Nikka Singh for his help with this story. Produced by Bo Walsh, original score by Renzo Gorrio, artwork by Teo Ducot Season 14 - Episode 4
  • A woman arrives in India only to discover that the baby she’s there to adopt has just been rescued from an orphanage tied to a child trafficking ring. Listen to Part Two of this amazing journey. BIG thanks to Danielle and Annaporva Green for sharing your story with Snap. Read more incredible stories from Danielle in her book, A Magnificent Obsession. Produced by Nancy López, original score by Renzo Gorrio Snap Classic - Season 14 Episode 3
  • When 14-year-old Annaporva finally decides to ask her mother about her biological family a story so unexpected unravels – there’s kingpins, death threats, and Maneka Gandhi. A HUGE thank you to Danielle and Annaporva Green for sharing your story with Snap. For more stories from Danielle, check out her book, A Magnificent Obsession. Produced by Nancy López, original score by Renzo Gorrio Be sure to listen to next week’s Snap episode to hear Part Two of this story. Snap Classic - Season 14 Episode 2
  • Toying with criminals is a dangerous game. This week, Marketplace brings Snap a chain-smoking internet detective who plays to win. A version of this story originally aired on Marketplace’s This Is Uncomfortable, a show about life and how money messes with it. If you want to hear more, check out This Is Uncomfortable wherever you get podcasts. BIG thanks to the This Is Uncomfortable team: Reema Khrais, Zoe Saunders, Karen Duffin, Alice Wilder, Marque Greene, Drew Jostad and Kunal Patel. Produced by Peter Balonon-Rosen, original score by Dirk Schwarzhoff, artwork by Teo Ducot Season 14 - Episode 2