Books & Brews, November 2016

Oct 19, 2016

Chuck McCutcheon

On November 1st, the Tuesday before the election, we welcomed author Chuck McCutcheon to Pale Fire Brewing Company for our Books & Brews series.

Author and political reporter Chuck McCutcheon shared stories and insights into the jargon, slang and bluster of our American politics. 

Writer Chuck McCutcheon has been in the thick of Washington politics for the last twenty-one years. As a result McCutcheon knows what elected officials actually mean when they use such words as "squish," "astroturfing," and "box canyon."  And luckily for the rest of us, Mr. McCutcheon has co-written two entertaining, enlightening and story-filled books designed to help the rest of us know what they mean as well.

Chuck McCutcheon is the co-author of two books on political speak: