Emily Wood

Emily Wood is interning at WMRA and is currently a senior communications major at James Madison University. Emily is concentrating on Public Relations with a minor in Political Communications. She is passionate about today's political climate and excited to apply what she learns at JMU and WMRA afer graduating in May 2019. 

Virginia ballot measures to be voted on this election: Veterans, and waterfont property tax break

2018 Senate Race   

Congressional Candidates

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Corey Stewart is the Republican nominee for United States Senate in the state of Virginia. He supports President Trump’s America First policies. Stewart supports permanent tax cuts, and has stated that he believes that every illegal immigrant arrested should be deported, and he supports banning sanctuary cities. Stewart is also in favor of defunding Planned Parenthood. 
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Dave Brat is the Republican candidate for Congress in Virginia's seventh district. Brat opposes the Affordable Care Act and wants to replaces it with a free-market solution. Brat advocates introducing a balanced budget amendment that forces Congress to cut federal spending. Brat supports reforming the current immigration policies to provide individuals a path to legally gain citizenship.


Barbara Comstock is the incumbent Republican candidate for Congress in Virginia's tenth district. Comstock supported the $600 billion tax relief package. Comstock also supports the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and a budget that would increase defense spending by $40 billion. Comstock voted for and supports the 21st century cure act in terms of healthcare.


Ben Cline is the Republican candidate for Congress in Virginia's sixth district. Cline advocates for the America First Policy.  Cline suports implementing permanent tax cuts as well as banning funding and support for sanctuary cities. Cline also supports legislation that limits the state use of drones in Virginia.


Denver Riggleman III is the Republican candidate for Congress in Virginia's fifth district. Riggleman supports implementing permanent tax cuts and believes that tax cuts should be used to create a personal health care savings account. Riggleman advocates for expanded funding options for eductation to give parents choice in terms of their children's education.