Prepare Now for Hurricane Florence

Sep 12, 2018


Governor Ralph Northam's office released the following statement regarding preparation for Hurricane Florence...

[Check a map of power outages in Virginia]

"Virginia Department of Emergency Management (VDEM) teams are preparing for what may be Virginia’s most significant hurricane event in decades. With Virginia under a state of emergency, the time for all of us to prepare is now.  Given the intensity and complexity of Hurricane Florence, we should prepare for a wide scale and prolonged event, including coastal storm surge, intensive inland flooding, high winds and possible widespread power outages.  To learn more, visit

"It’s Not the Winds, It’s the Water -- The largest threat to life from hurricanes is flooding, not high winds.  We should prepare for rising waters and flash flooding, and remember to never drive across flooded roadways. Many injuries and deaths occur when motorists try to cross flooded roads. Roads and bridges can be damaged or completely washed away beneath flood waters, and a few inches of water can sweep vehicles downstream. Remember, turn around, don’t drown.

"Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late to Prepare -- Use this helpful checklist as you prepare:

1.         A three-day supply of nonperishable food and water.
2.         Supplies for infants and children, e.g., formula, diapers.
3.         Pet care, pet food, and supplies.
4.         Medication for at least one week and copies of your prescription.
5.         Medical equipment.
6.         First aid kit.
7.         Flashlights and batteries.
8.         Extra warm clothes and sturdy shoes.
9.         Emergency funds.
10.       Critical paperwork and identification.
11.       Hygiene and sanitation products.

"Be sure you establish plans with your children’s schools, childcare providers, and other caregivers. Members of your household should sign up for emergency alerts and warnings from schools and local government agencies. Follow these agencies on social media as well."