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The Spark

Folklorist Douglas Day


Martha interviews folklore expert, Veterans' History Project workshop-giver, oral historian for hire, and musician Douglas Day.  Here is Douglas' website.
His blog.
And an online music sample trove.

Douglas mentions these books:

Traditional Ballads of Virginia; Collected under the Auspices of the Virginia Folk-lore Society. University of Virginia Press, 1929 (1969). Edited by Arthur Kyle Davis, Jr.

Weevils in the Wheat; Interviews with Virginia Ex-Slaves. University of Virginia Press, 1976.  Edited by Charles L. Perdue, Jr., Thomas E. Barden, and Robert K. Phillips.

Virginia Folk Legends. University of Virginia Press, 1991. Edited by Tom Barden.

Some 2013 Douglas gigs include:
Wednesday April 3rd at Fellini's in C'ville, 6-9 pm.
Friday April 26 at C'ville Coffee, 8-10 pm.

More about the Library of Congress' Veterans' History Project: here.

(webtext: tw)

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