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WMRA DAILY 3/28/20

2 hours ago

The number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 surpasses 600 in Virginia

Governor Ralph Northam asks Virginians to continue to stay at home

State parks in Virginia further restrict access

Are hospitals in the commonwealth ready for the potential onslaught of patients?

WMRA Daily 3/27/20

Mar 27, 2020

We explore local responses to the virus outbreak, including school officials in Harrisonburg distributing food to students, an intention to enforce the governor’s physical distancing order in Charlottesville, and new ways to enjoy local theatre offerings online…  We also look at the record-setting spike in jobless claims in Virginia, and what might be in store for the economy in the next few months….

WMRA Daily 3/26/20

Mar 26, 2020

Governor Northam orders hospitals to put off elective surgeries during the pandemic…  Virginia expects some relief from stimulus bills working their way through Congress, but will it be enough?...  Now that many of us are more socially isolated than ever, some are taking in cats for companionship….

WMRA Daily 3/25/20

Mar 25, 2020

Virginia has received the first of two shipments of medical gear from the federal government….  Liberty University bucks the college consensus on campus coronavirus safety…  What can Virginia’s experience with the Influenza Pandemic of 1918 teach us about how to respond to COVID-19?

WMRA Daily 3/24/20

Mar 24, 2020

You may have seen this coming, and now it’s official – the Governor orders K-12 schools closed for the rest of the academic year, and non-essential businesses must close too, including restaurants…  The good news is you can still order curbside takeout or delivery…  We check in with one local bike repair business dealing with new social restrictions, and even welcoming new customers during the outbreak…  We learn about one local non-profit, “Hope Distributed,” and how they’re helping during the outbreak….

WMRA Daily 3/23/20

Mar 23, 2020

Now more than 200 cases of COVID-19 in Virginia…  As the rate of increase in cases jumps, Governor Northam says that’s partly due to increased testing in Virginia…  We check in with how two important parts of the economy are dealing with the requirements of social distancing – real estate and restaurants….

WMRA DAILY 3/21/20

Mar 21, 2020

The University of Virginia has developed and deployed its own system for testing for the coronavirus, at a time when the total of confirmed cases of COVID-19 surpasses 100 in Virginia

Unemployment claims skyrocket to over 30,000 in just a handful of days

And Bridgewater Retirement Community limits access to its campus in order to prevent the spread of the virus

WMRA Daily 3/20/20

Mar 20, 2020

A JMU student and a UVa student are among the new cases of COVID-19 in Virginia, as the total climbs to 94 in the Commonwealth…  Governor Northam announces loosened rules for those on Medicaid and new help for small businesses…  Meanwhile, unemployment claims are skyrocketing in Virginia due to the outbreak….

WMRA Daily 3/19/20

Mar 19, 2020

JMU and Bridgewater College now say students should stay away for the rest of the semester, and Virginia colleges are cancelling Spring commencement ceremonies…  Middle River Regional Jail in Verona is releasing some non-violent offenders to mitigate the spread of the virus…  We explore the effects of extended school closures in Virginia, including on SOL testing, and for those students who rely on their schools for meals….

WMRA Daily 3/18/20

Mar 18, 2020

Out of more than 1,000 people tested in Virginia, now 67 confirmed cases of COVID-19, and Governor Northam says businesses, including restaurants, will be barred from serving more than 10 customers at a time…  More people, including students at home from school, are now online, so your Internet service may be slower – we’ll find out what you can do about that…  Why is the president such a frequent target for comedians?

WMRA Daily 3/17/20

Mar 17, 2020

State and local governments, businesses and individuals struggle to deal with the coronavirus outbreak, as Charlottesville reports its first case, and eastern Virginia reports the second death from COVID-19 in the commonwealth…  Meanwhile, Augusta County declares a state of emergency, and Sentara announces the first drive-through screenings in eastern Virginia, and that may come to Charlottesville and Harrisonburg soon….

WMRA Daily 3/16/20

Mar 16, 2020

The first death in Virginia from COVID-19, as the governor closes schools statewide and bans gatherings of 100 people or more…  Meanwhile, some activists are calling for an end to evictions during the outbreak…  Before the days of social distancing and self-quarantining, Harrisonburg’s roller derby team held an open “Derby 101” demonstration for the, well, “derby-curious”….

WMRA DAILY 3/14/20

Mar 14, 2020

Governor Ralph Northam orders all K-12 schools to close for at least two weeks

A school in Albemarle county announces a possible presumptive positive case of COVID-19

The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in Virginia almost doubles in a day

And Dominion Energy agrees to pay over $1 million to settle a case involving coal ash and ground water seepage

WMRA DAILY 3/13/20

Mar 13, 2020

The Virginia Department of Health confirms the first presumptive positive test of coronavirus in Harrisonburg

Governor Ralph Northam declares a state of emergency in response to the coronavirus pandemic

Senator Mark Warner calls on the Centers for Disease Control to revise its guidelines to test more people for COVID-19

And the General Assembly passes a $140 billion budget

WMRA DAILY 3/12/20

Mar 12, 2020

Two area university cancel in-person classes due to COVID-19

The number of Virginians who’ve tested positive for the disease rises to nine

Governor Ralph Northam holds a press conference to address the coronavirus in the commonwealth

And the Centers for Disease Control awards Virginia more than $13 million to combat the growing outbreak

WMRA Daily 3/11/20

Mar 11, 2020

At least eight people have tested positive for COVID-19 in Virginia

Concerns over the disease compelled Virginia Humanities to cancel this year’s Festival of the Book

How the tourism industry in the commonwealth has been affected by COVID-19

And a professor at the University of Virginia calls on leaders to act against light pollution

WMRA Daily 3/10/20

Mar 10, 2020

Open Doors will extend their operations through June to assist people experiencing homelessness, the general assembly passed legislation to prohibit tethering dogs outside in severe weather, and lawmakers return to Richmond on Thursday to vote on the budget.

WMRA Daily 3/9/20

Mar 9, 2020

The Virginia Department of Health confirmed two cases of COVID-19 over the weekend, Virginia lawmakers finished up with many legislative goals over the weekend and have voted to give localities control over war memorials, including Confederate monuments, they have also approved an increase in Virginia’s minimum wage which would bring the hourly rate to $9.50, and voted to decriminalize the possession of marijuana.

WMRA Daily 3/6/20

Mar 6, 2020

Senator Tim Kaine comments on the $8 billion emergency appropriation bill - passed with bipartisan support - to combat coronavirus.  The Virginia Senate votes to restore state regulators oversight of utility costs – and immediately reconsiders.  The Virginia Museum of History and Culture joins the worldwide celebration of International Women’s Day on Sunday.  And assessing what the General Assembly accomplished in this historic session, scheduled to end this weekend.  This is the WMRA Daily for Friday, March 6th  

WMRA Daily 3/5/20

Mar 5, 2020

Governor Ralph Northam outlines how Virginia is prepared to handle the coronavirus that causes COVID-19.  The University of Virginia cancels study abroad programs for spring break.  How to fund counselors for K-12 education.  And putting the final touches on legislation to allow local governments to remove Confederate statues.  This is the WMRA Daily for Thursday, March 5th  

WMRA Daily 3/4/20

Mar 4, 2020

Governor Ralph Northam signs a flurry of legislation, including making conversion therapy illegal allowing renters to use damage insurance instead of a security deposit when signing a new lease.  And prohibiting discrimination against renters relying on government assistance.  This is the WMRA Daily for Wednesday, March 4th.

WMRA Daily 3/3/20

Mar 3, 2020

Health officials in Virginia gear up for the possibility of coronavirus hitting the commonwealth, the city of Charlottesville will not honor the birthday of Thomas Jefferson this year, an amendment to the Virginia Constitution that creates a bipartisan redistricting commission heads to the house floor, and Governor Ralph Northam signs legislation that prohibits universities from keeping donations secret.

WMRA Daily 3/2/20

Mar 2, 2020

JMU Cancels Study Abroad programs in Italy, young voters are expected to turn out on Super Tuesday, Virginia's Governor is considering legislation to make more information available about donations to public and state universities, and proponents of renewable energy are stepping up efforts to connect more houses, schools and governments buildings in Virginia to the SOLAR grid.

WMRA Daily 2/28/20

Feb 28, 2020

Virginia lawmakers pass a comprehensive anti-discrimination bill, Weighing whether or not to freeze tuition for universities in the commonwealth, Automatic tickets could be coming to a school zone or work zone  near you, and Virginia’s impact on the upcoming Super Tuesday primary.

WMRA Daily 2/27/20

Feb 27, 2020

Grants to increase the production of specialty crops in Virginia.  Local governments may be on the verge of engaging in collective bargaining.  A bill to help guard vulnerable seniors and adults from financial exploitation passes both houses in the General Assembly.  How the legacy of segregation continues to play out in national parks.  This is the WMRA Daily for Thursday, February 27th.

WMRA Daily 2/26/20

Feb 26, 2020

Legislators pass bills to help combat human trafficking.  Lawmakers consider doubling fines for companies that violate water quality to build natural gas pipelines.  What a Tenant Bill of Rights might look like.  And lawmakers searching for ways to address the affordable  housing shortage in Virginia.  This is the WMRA Daily for Wednesday, February 26th.

WMRA Daily 2/25/20

Feb 25, 2020

The lead organizer of the deadly Unite the Right rally in 2017 plans to appeal his lawsuit that was dismissed this past Friday, People wanting to vote absentee in this November’s election may be able to do so without stating a reason, and lawmakers are hashing out a way to make sick leave a reality for workers in Virginia.

WMRA Daily 2/24/20

Feb 24, 2020

Environmentalists will be before the Supreme Court today, arguing that the Atlantic Coast Pipeline should not be built under the Appalachian Trail, several local groups have differing opinions on the way forward for a proposed African American History Center in New Market, redesigning of early childhood education is a top priority for the commonwealth this year, and journalists in the commonwealth may soon receive new protections against disclosing confidential sources.

WMRA Daily 2/21/20

Feb 21, 2020

Area universities are top producers of Fulbright scholars.  A bipartisan approach to asserting authority over utilities in Virginia.  And taking into account natural human behavior when making laws in the commonwealth.  This is the WMRA Daily for Friday, February 21st.

WMRA Daily 2/20/20

Feb 20, 2020

New School Grants have been announced at promoting computer science education.  Faith leaders from across Virginia are pressing Senate Democrats to abandon their approach to raising the minimum wage.  More incentives could be coming for Virginia developers looking to build apartment complexes that include low and very low-income tenants in their plans.