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WMRA Daily 11/26/21

Nov 26, 2021

On this day after Thanksgiving, we’re talking Virginia politics… Do voters have election fatigue from voting every year in the Old Dominion?

WMRA Daily 11/25/21

Nov 25, 2021

Harrisonburg police identify the two women found dead in a vacant lot, and a suspect is in custody…  After some Virginia school officials, including Harrisonburg’s superintendent, recently removed book titles from school library shelves after parent complaints, a national anti-censorship organization pushes back…  One bill proposed for the next General Assembly could take away some discretion that school officials have when they suspect a crime has been committed….

WMRA Daily 11/24/21

Nov 24, 2021

A jury says those who organized the Unite the Right rally must pay millions of dollars in damages…  A UVa researcher pioneers a way to do brain surgery, without a scalpel…  We explore the new Buy Nothing movement taking hold in Lexington….

WMRA Daily 11/23/21

Nov 23, 2021

The jury in Charlottesville considering damages against the Unite the Right organizers meet behind closed doors for a third day…  Some free meals programs in local schools will continue beyond the pandemic…  Republican Glenn Youngkin says he wants to use Virginia’s surplus revenues for tax relief….

WMRA Daily 11/22/21

Nov 22, 2021

A boy is in custody after allegedly threatening violence to students at Staunton High School…  Jury deliberation continue in the civil trial of the Unite the Right organizers…  The clock has started for two new court-appointed experts to redraw Virginia's legislative and Congressional boundaries….

WMRA Daily 11/19/21

Nov 19, 2021

The closing arguments have been made, and now the case against the organizers of the Unite the Right rally is before the jury…  State agencies now need to consult with Virginia's Tribal Nations when evaluating applications for certain state permits …  We review the week in Virginia politics, as some candidates say they experienced racism or other discrimination while on the campaign trail….

WMRA Daily 11/18/21

Nov 18, 2021

The man who murdered Heather Heyer loses an appeal to his conviction…  The governor-elect’s promise to boost spending on education may meet a hard budgeting reality…  The story of one school board in Virginia, flirting with banning – or burning – books….

WMRA Daily 11/17/21

Nov 17, 2021

Charlottesville residents harmed during the violent Unite the Right rally rest their case against the organizers…  Finance officials for Middle River Regional Jail meet to plan what to do with money they might get for renovations…  A rapid COVID-19 antigen test may be available at a library close to you….

WMRA Daily 11/16/21

Nov 16, 2021

It’s official, according to the state board of elections:  Republicans won statewide races, and pending results of possible recounts, the House as well…  Republicans have two more days to submit their candidates to help the state Supreme Court redraw legislative districts…  Three-quarters of adult Virginians are now fully vaccinated for COVID-19, and Augusta Health hits a big milestone in vaccinations….

WMRA Daily 11/15/21

Nov 15, 2021

Valley GOP Delegate Todd Gilbert is one step closer to being the next Speaker of Virginia’s House…  One week remains in the Charlottesville trial of those who organized the Unite the Right rally…  Virginia’s Supreme Court, tasked with drawing legislative maps, rejects three nominees put forth by Republicans to help with the process….

WMRA Daily 11/12/21

Nov 12, 2021

Attorneys for those suing the Unite the Right organizers bring their final expert witness to the stand…  Senator Kaine pays a Veterans Day visit to Waynesboro to honor those who have served…  Who will be Governor-elect Youngkin’s advisors, and who will have a majority in the House of Delegates?

WMRA Daily 11/11/21

Nov 11, 2021

UVa employees will have until early next year to get their COVID vaccines…  Some parents in our area are now bringing their newly eligible young children in to get their shots…  Who’s the mysterious group that sent out election mailers promoting Princess Blanding, and attacking Terry McAuliffe?....

The former chief of police of Charlottesville sues the city for unlawful termination;

The city of Portsmouth pays over $100,000 to people charged and arrested after a crowd defaced the city's Confederate monument;

Researchers at the University of Virginia discover how a common gene mutation robs people of natural protection against cancer; 

And lawmakers will consider how charter schools work in Virginia when the General Assembly reconvenes in January

WMRA Daily 11/9/21

Nov 9, 2021

The Shenandoah Valley Black Lives Matter group sues Augusta County’s sheriff…  Two Hampton Roads House of Delegates races could be headed for recounts, so GOP control of that chamber next year is still uncertain…  TV biologist Jeff Corwin gives a talk at Bridgewater College….

WMRA Daily 11/8/21

Nov 8, 2021

Dominion's plans for an offshore wind farm near the Virginia coast are one step closer to reality…  Virginia’s Supreme Court will draw new electoral maps for the state behind closed doors, and that has transparency advocates worried…  Meanwhile, there are questions about the next General Assembly sessions’ legitimacy, because the drawing of those maps is late….

WMRA Daily 11/5/21

Nov 5, 2021

Senator Warner returns to Charlottesville, and says he’s ‘cautiously optimistic’ that mail delivery is improving there as the winter holiday season approaches…  Meanwhile, the global supply chain bottlenecks are affecting retailers, builders and consumers right here in our area…  Valley Delegate Todd Gilbert discusses his plans for a new GOP majority in the House of Delegates….

WMRA Daily 11/4/21

Nov 4, 2021

The plaintiffs suing those who staged the violent Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville bring their first expert on anti-Semitism to the trial…  Just as Harrisonburg decides whether to keep police officers in the high school, an incident involving officers and a student there has heated up the debate…  Winsome Sears will be the first Black woman elected to statewide office in Virginia, but come next year there will be fewer Black members of the General Assembly….

WMRA Daily 11/3/21

Nov 3, 2021

For the first time in more than a decade, a Republican will become governor of Virginia… The GOP swept all three statewide offices, and the Democrats are pointing fingers…  Republicans also gained seats in the House of Delegates, but control of that chamber still rests on races that are still undecided…  We have more on the two suicides this year at the jail in Harrisonburg….

WMRA Daily 11/2/21

Nov 2, 2021

The campaigning is done, and now it’s up to the voters in Virginia, and we have a look at final arguments, the importance of turnout, and what some voters are saying…  Two men have died by suicide at the Harrisonburg – Rockingham Regional Jail, and questions remain about exactly what happened….

WMRA Daily 11/1/21

Nov 1, 2021

Tomorrow is election day, the candidates are making their final arguments, and we have a look at the national significance of Virginia’s governor’s race…  Some childcare centers in our area are bearing the brunt of the “Great Resignation”…  A team from Albemarle will be the first high school students ever allowed into a college-level competition to float a concrete canoe….

WMRA Daily 10/29/21

Oct 29, 2021

Opening arguments begin in the civil trial of the organizers of Unite the Right…  Meanwhile, two big events are coming up in the next few days – Halloween, and we’ve got ghost stories from the Valley…  And, Election Day, and we’ve got a profile of three House of Delegates races in our area, plus a broader look at the statewide races….

WMRA Daily 10/28/21

Oct 28, 2021

A jury is seated and opening arguments begin in the trial of those who planned the violent Unite the Right rally…  Senator Mark Warner says he’s coming back to Charlottesville to see if mail delivery has gotten any better…  The Virginia Film Festival screens Truth Tellers, about an artist on a mission to paint iconic Americans, including the young woman who sparked the removal of Charlottesville’s Lee statue….

WMRA Daily 10/27/21

Oct 27, 2021

By the end of the day today, a jury should be seated in the civil trial against the organizers of the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville…  As President Biden makes another campaign stop for Terry McAuliffe, we explore why Virginians may split the ticket…  We attend a gun safety class – for women only….

WMRA Daily 10/26/21

Oct 26, 2021

Homeless shelters in Harrisonburg are scrambling to safely house people who are sick with COVID-19, now that the city is no longer paying to put them up in hotel rooms…  An update on the trial of Unite the Right rally organizers in Charlottesville…  Virginia’s redistricting commission is a bust, so now it’s up to the state Supreme Court to draw boundaries….

WMRA Daily 10/25/21

Oct 25, 2021

More than four years after the deadly Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, white supremacists who organized it stand trial…  It’s an adopters’ market at the Charlottesville area SPCA, which typically has a wait list to adopt a pet…  Doctors make progress in diagnosing autism earlier, but that’s complicated by the fact that parents aren’t bringing their kids in for routine check-ups….

WMRA Daily 10/22/21

Oct 22, 2021

All UVa employees must be vaccinated by December 8th, or face termination…  Two Charlottesville-based potters donate a portion of their proceeds to feed the hungry…  What effect is early voting having on Virginia’s elections?

WMRA Daily 10/21/21

Oct 21, 2021

Virginia’s redistricting commission is going behind closed doors in a last-ditch effort to do its job…  A ‘climate emergency choir’ from Harrisonburg performs in Richmond…  Hiking has surged during the pandemic, but a lack of trail etiquette is damaging the Appalachian Trail….

WMRA Daily 10/20/21

Oct 20, 2021

Even as COVID-19 numbers decline, the proportion of child cases is climbing…  Virginia’s mental health services are stretched beyond the breaking point…  A new film follows a Charlottesville library's journey from a segregated institution to one used and loved by everyone….

WMRA Daily 10/19/21

Oct 19, 2021

Some elective procedures are returning to Augusta Health, as the COVID-19 surge there begins to subside…  An Amish woman from Farmville is killed when her family’s buggy is hit by a truck…  An African-American heritage center in Charlottesville wants to take the Lee statue and melt it down to make new art….

WMRA Daily 10/18/21

Oct 18, 2021

Virginia gets federal money to help keep schools safe for in-person learning…  The cost of energy in the commonwealth is rising, and that raises questions about the cost of addressing climate change…  A UVa alum receives national recognition for her work in architecture and urban design….