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WMRA Daily 6/15/21

6 hours ago

An investigation of an investigation of Virginia’s Parole Board finds no outside influence over the state’s watchdog agency, as some Republicans had alleged…  More than a dozen artifacts from the Kluge-Ruhe museum in Charlottesville are heading back to the indigenous Australian communities who created them…  State legislators and alumni groups wrangle over the fallout from the independent report that found ingrained racism and sexism at VMI….

WMRA Daily 6/14/21

Jun 14, 2021

Virginia’s coffers are filled to overflowing, and the state expects to have a revenue surplus by July 1st of more than $1 billion…  Just in time for summer, state regulators are working on new standards to protect workers from heat stress…  In another StoryCorps conversation, two local advocates for LGBTQ children discuss their work….

WMRA Daily 6/11/21

Jun 11, 2021

After 15 months, the pandemic-related state of emergency in Virginia will end on June 30th…  Local housing authorities get a new infusion of federal cash to provide housing for those in need…  Although turnout in this month’s Democratic primary was near a record high, some Democrats are still worried about a lack of enthusiasm….

WMRA Daily 6/10/21

Jun 10, 2021

Fewer than one in 10 voters participated in the Democratic primary, but that was actually among the highest turnouts since the early ‘90s…  The resulting slate of candidates are all from northern Virginia, so how will that affect the general election?...  We kick off WMRA’s partnership with StoryCorps, as the co-founder of the ARROW Project talks with her sons about being a single parent, helping the community, and failing gracefully….

WMRA Daily 6/9/21

Jun 9, 2021

Virginia Democrats pick McAuliffe, Ayala and Herring for their statewide candidates, and the race for November is on…  As the state Supreme Court ponders the fate of the giant Lee statue in Richmond, Charlottesville City Council unanimously votes to remove the city’s Lee and Jackson statues, nearly four years after the deadly Unite the Right rally…  We head to Highland County, and a COVID-19 vaccine clinic, getting shots to rural areas….

WMRA Daily 6/8/21

Jun 8, 2021

Democratic candidates for statewide office made their final pitches to primary voters Monday – the primary is today…  If you have trouble voting, there’s a hotline to help…  Marijuana possession will become legal on July 1st in Virginia, but researchers are already suggesting tweaks to the law….

WMRA Daily 6/7/21

Jun 7, 2021

Washington & Lee will remain Washington & Lee, despite a concerted campaign to stop honoring a leader of the Confederacy…  Virginia’s Democratic primary is Tuesday…  COVID-19 vaccines are now widely available, but vulnerable communities face more hurdles in getting the shots, and we have a look at some local non-profits trying to help….

WMRA Daily 6/4/21

Jun 4, 2021

JMU softball does it again, upsetting the number one seed in the opening college world series game for only the second time in series history…  Saturday is the last day to vote early for Tuesday’s Democratic primary…  Shenandoah National Park is ready to rebound from the pandemic….

WMRA Daily 6/3/21

Jun 3, 2021

An independent investigation found institutional racism at VMI, but that report also turned up multiple incidents of sexual assault…  A campaign finance update for statewide candidates…  One JMU poli sci professor is among about 100 scholars issuing a stark warning about Republican efforts to restrict voting around the country….

WMRA Daily 6/2/21

Jun 2, 2021

An investigation into VMI finds that institutional racism and sexism at the state-supported school are tolerated, and it accuses school leaders of trying to derail the probe…  Black women continue to die in childbirth at much higher rates than white women, and Senator Kaine has proposed legislation to address that disparity...  Hikers are back on the Appalachian Trail in Shenandoah National Park, eager to put the pandemic behind them….

WMRA Daily 6/1/21

Jun 1, 2021

On Memorial Day, Virginia remembers those who served and lost their lives…  Meanwhile, UVa’s men’s lacrosse team are again national champs, and JMU’s softball team makes history…  What happens at the end of June when a state law against wearing masks is back in force, and you want to keep wearing your pandemic mask?

WMRA Daily 5/31/21

May 31, 2021

For the first time Harrisonburg will have a female police chief…  Two women cyclists from Pennsylvania were injured, one of them seriously, in a hit-and-run in Nelson County Saturday…  Meanwhile, the pandemic created a bicycle boom, and one Virginia Tech researcher says that may create permanent changes in our roads….

WMRA Daily 5/28/21

May 28, 2021

JMU has joined a few other local colleges in requiring that students be vaccinated for COVID-19 before enrolling in the fall…  It’s official, Virginia’s social gathering restrictions are a thing of the past…  There is no cure for Alzheimer’s, so is it worth getting tested?

WMRA Daily 5/27/21

May 27, 2021

The USDA launches a program to lessen racial disparities in agriculture…  A TV broadcast company apologizes to Roanoke Delegate Sam Rasoul for an offensive question he got from the moderator at a recent debate among Democratic candidates for lieutenant governor…  We remember former U.S. Senator John Warner, who died this week at the age of 94….

WMRA Daily 5/26/21

May 26, 2021

Virginia’s community colleges will not require students or staff be vaccinated to return to classes this fall…  Labor Day is the seemingly appropriate deadline for the state employment agency to clear up a backlog of pandemic-related jobless claims…  That rock slide blocking U.S. 250 in Afton -- It won’t be cleared up until mid-June, and we have a detailed report from the work site….

WMRA Daily 5/25/21

May 25, 2021

Public schools around Virginia are about to get a lot of money from the federal rescue plan, but how will it be spent?...  Recreational pot will soon be legal in Virginia, but there are also changes coming to the medical cannabis program…  Birds that come to Virginia in the springtime have settled in, and one local expert fills us in on what they’re up to….

WMRA Daily 5/24/21

May 24, 2021

Virginia’s eviction moratorium ends in July, and many renters are wondering what happens next…  Ralliers in Harrisonburg march for Palestinian rights, and drivers ride in support of LGBTQ communities…  The movies are back, as Regal Cinema in Harrisonburg reopens….

WMRA Daily 5/21/21

May 21, 2021

An Augusta County deputy shoots a man in Stuarts Draft…  As JMU relaxes its COVID restrictions, UVa requires all students get vaccinated before enrolling for fall classes…  Beginning in July, Virginians will be able to legally grow and use marijuana, but the rules are complicated, and we’ll take a look….

WMRA Daily 5/20/21

May 20, 2021

Two News Leader reporters are arrested in Elizabeth City, North Carolina while covering a protest over the police killing of Andrew Brown, Jr…  The vice chair of the higher ed council in Virginia resigns in protest over the agency’s handling of the investigation into VMI…  The Democratic p  rimary is less than three weeks away, and so far, turn-out for early voting is low….

WMRA Daily 5/19/21

May 19, 2021

After months of complaints over lapses in unemployment aid, Governor Northam orders the VEC to hire more staff and process more claims…  As Democratic candidates for attorney general clash over predatory lending, both political parties are scrambling to define the relatively unknown GOP candidate for governor…  After more than a year of lockdowns, Virginia’s indigenous people celebrate the first Indigenous Arts Day in Jamestown….

WMRA Daily 5/18/21

May 18, 2021

Virginia expects a half-billion dollar surplus by the end of June, and extra pandemic-relief money from Washington, and we have a look at how that cash might be spent…  State Senate Republicans want the governor to end all COVID-19 restrictions immediately…  Nowadays, to keep up with local emergency calls, you don’t need your own police scanner, you can just log onto social media, and we meet the man behind a hugely popular Facebook page that reports on local emergencies in real time….

WMRA Daily 5/17/21

May 17, 2021

An Augusta sheriff’s deputy shoots a man to death after deputies say he charged them with a knife, and state police are investigating…  Following the CDC’s new guidelines, Governor Northam lifts most masking requirements…  Could a vaccine for Lyme disease be in our near future?

WMRA Daily 5/14/21

May 14, 2021

Over the protest of residents, Staunton City Council again votes to keep them from taking part in council meetings by phone…  Vaccination providers around Virginia are now administering the Pfizer shot to anyone age 12 and older…  Cities and counties around the state will soon get another infusion of cash for pandemic relief….

WMRA Daily 5/13/21

May 13, 2021

The gas is flowing again through the Colonial Pipeline, but it could take days before your neighborhood station gets a full supply, and in the meantime Virginia’s anti-price-gouging law is in effect…  The former superintendent of the Rockbridge Jail gets more than four years behind bars for misconduct…  Virginia Republicans have their three candidates for statewide office, but there’s a good chance you haven’t heard of them before this week….

WMRA Daily 5/12/21

May 12, 2021

As a few gas stations in our area see long lines of drivers and run out of fuel, Governor Northam declares a state of emergency after a pipeline shutdown restricts some of the supply…  State health officials are waiting for a green light from the CDC before approving COVID vaccines for young teens…  Virginia Republicans have selected their nominee for lieutenant governor, and if elected this fall she’d be the first Black woman to win statewide office in Virginia…

WMRA Daily 5/11/21

May 11, 2021

Political newbie Glenn Youngkin is Republicans’ nominee for governor, beating out the establishment candidate Kirk Cox, and radical-right State Senator Amanda Chase…  Washington and Lee says it will decide next month whether or not to get rid of Lee…  How can Virginia best spend money to persuade people to get vaccinated?

WMRA Daily 5/10/21

May 10, 2021

Virginia Republicans have their candidate for attorney general, but results for governor and lieutenant governor will take longer…  Bridgewater College joins others in requiring proof of COVID-19 vaccination…  This month’s Virtual Books & Brews featured speaker is an EMU professor who explains American polarization….

WMRA Daily 5/7/21

May 7, 2021

Senator Kaine is making a swing through our part of Virginia, in part to discuss turning an unused railroad corridor in the Valley into a multi-purpose trail…  The governor says he will lift some pandemic-related restrictions next week…  Voting has already started for the June Democratic primary, and the candidates for governor met to debate again Thursday night….

WMRA Daily 5/6/21

May 6, 2021

Virginia’s attorney general and his Democratic challenger for the job debate on TV…  The state’s ACLU and other open government groups warn Staunton city leaders their decision to require residents to attend council meetings in-person violates federal protections for those with disabilities…  The family of a Black man shot by a Spotsylvania sheriff’s deputy says he’s in intensive care with 10 bullet wounds, and they say he was unarmed and can’t understand why the deputy shot him….

WMRA Daily 5/5/21

May 5, 2021

A new poll finds that Virginians tend to see themselves as just right-of-center politically, but still support liberal ideas such as the Green New Deal…  If your grades are good enough, you can get free tuition next year at Piedmont Virginia Community College…  As state Republicans gear up for this Saturday’s convention, we have an update on the campaigning….