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WMRA Daily 9/13/19

Sep 13, 2019

UVa drops 14 overdue payment cases in court, three days after a report highly critical of the medical center’s collection efforts…  Lieutenant Governor Fairfax sues CBS for defamation over a report on the two women who accuse him of sexual assault…  We take a ride in a self-driving vehicle in Crozet….

WMRA Daily 9/12/19

Sep 12, 2019

A judge rules that the Confederate statues that led to white supremacist violence in Charlottesville have to stay where they are…  Virginia joins other states in suing the family behind Purdue Pharma, the maker of Oxycontin…  Could future opioid settlements look a lot like settlements with the tobacco industry?

WMRA Daily 9/11/19

Sep 11, 2019

UVa’s Health System announces it is reviewing its billing practices in the wake of a scathing report…  The court case that sparked the Unite the Right rally finally begins, but all the major issues are already settled…  And, in a preview of the latest John Grisham Writers Hour at JMU, historian Jon Meacham says our current political divisions are nothing new….

WMRA Daily 9/10/19

Sep 10, 2019

A new study finds that UVa’s Health System is unusually aggressive in going after payment, suing thousands of patients for all they’re worth…  On what would have been his birthday, the late Army Captain Humayun Khan is remembered with the naming of a Charlottesville post office in his honor…  U.S. News & World Report ranks James Madison University number one in innovation among regional institutions in the South....

WMRA Daily 9/9/19

Sep 9, 2019

Valley Delegate Todd Gilbert gets a huge donation from the NRA, but statewide the pro-gun group is getting outspent by gun control groups…  Virginia is no longer home to a top-25 college, as UVa drops to number 28 in one national ranking…  September Books & Brews author Heath Hardage Lee talks about how a group of military wives forced the U-S government to focus on bringing P.O.W.s home during the Vietnam War….

WMRA Daily 9/6/19

Sep 6, 2019

A former photographer for Harrisonburg’s daily newspaper files a wrongful firing lawsuit against its owner…  An Edinburg man faces multiple charges for allegedly selling explosives to an undercover ATF agent…  Residents and environmental activists hold a town hall meeting over Dominion’s compressor station in Union Hill….

WMRA Daily 9/5/19

Sep 5, 2019

Susan Bro files a wrongful death lawsuit against her daughter’s murderer…  Police are investigating alleged mistreatment of animals at Madison County’s shelter…  Just east of Charlottesville, there’s a fight over development at the historical site of the chief village of the Monacan Indian Nation….

The navy plays it safe ahead of Dorian.  One prosecutor passes on marijuana possession.  The school transgender bathroom ban stays in the courts.  And...Hands off the ginseng!

WMRA Daily 9/3/19

Sep 3, 2019

A state of emergency in Virginia as Hurricane Dorian heads up the east coast…  Deaths from opioid overdoses continue to rise in Virginia, despite millions spent on making an antidote available….

WMRA Daily 9/2/19

Sep 2, 2019

A judge in Winchester is refusing to order the return of more than 100 animals to a roadside zoo that has a history of complaints…  Bad news for Virginia workers on this Labor Day -- a new report ranks Virginia as the worst state in the country for workers…  Beto O’Rourke makes his second campaign stop in Charlottesville….

WMRA Daily 8/30/19

Aug 30, 2019

State regulators say Dominion is making too much money…  Cavaliers football fans will get to buy alcohol at Scott Stadium this fall, joining JMU’s Bridgeforth stadium in allowing fans to imbibe at home games…  Virginia farmers feel the effects of Trump’s trade wars….

WMRA Daily 8/29/19

Aug 29, 2019

A citizen appointed to a state council on women resigns after criticism for anti-Catholic social media posts…  Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke plans another campaign stop in Charlottesville…  Some Shenandoah National Park advocates complain that the Trump administration is getting in the way the fight against air pollution….

WMRA Daily 8/28/19

Aug 28, 2019

Another conviction from the Unite the Right Rally two years ago, the Governor visits Harrisonburg to hear from business leaders, and Planned Parenthood to spend $1 million to promote pro-choice candidates…

WMRA Daily 8/27/19

Aug 27, 2019

An appeals court says a racial profiling case against an Albemarle County police officer may go ahead…  Harrisonburg police charge a Richmond man with making threats to JMU students…  The Virginia Department of Health issues its first-ever back-to-school warning about vaping….

WMRA Daily 8/26/19

Aug 26, 2019

During ceremonies recognizing the arrival of enslaved Africans to Virginia, Governor Northam announces a new review of how black history is taught… As Labor Day approaches, police around the Commonwealth are set to reduce the number of drunk drivers…  Meanwhile, tourism is booming in Virginia….

WMRA Daily 8/23/19

Aug 23, 2019

Social services needs a SNAP solution.  A new fuel tax fuels unrest near 81.  The AT needs new keepers.  And...Hey hackers, don’t mess with Henrico.

Democrats are split over government in health care.  Virginia is about to get a lot older.  Slot machines are eating into education revenue.  JMU has a new campaign to prevent campus violence and sexual assault. 

The Crime Commission hears from the public.  Norfolk takes on the statue law with a unique argument.  The governor is optimistic on the economy...cautiously.

WMRA Daily 8/20/19

Aug 20, 2019

The bathroom ban is still in effect.  Richmond wrangles over how to balance the books.  UVa looks into an enduring medical mystery.  Charlottesville’s council carries on after a spiteful meeting.

A roadside zoo is shut down.  The Crime Commission ponders gun violence solutions.  Political candidates have a few things in common.

Spanberger wants to bridge the digital divide.  The state targets surprise medical bills.  National money pours in to influence state races. 

WMRA Daily 8/15/19

Aug 15, 2019

A new immigrant child detention center is slated for Virginia.  Obamacare’s Cadillac Tax unites the parties in opposition.  Liquor tops a billion.  Both sides file August 12 lawsuits.

The story of three lawsuits.  Virginia Republicans' position on gun control is a moving target.

WMRA Daily 8/13/19

Aug 13, 2019

In Charlottesville, people remember August 12, 2017, while an investigation falls behind schedule.  Virginia republicans warm to some gun control measures.   There’s a new legal front in the battle over the Mountain Valley pipeline.  JMU students do archeology in Wilson’s gardens.

Have your say on 81.  JMU is a national leader.  And a veteran songwriter talks about his “Battle of Charlottesville”. 

WMRA Daily 8/9/19

Aug 9, 2019

Several events are planned this weekend to unite Charlottesville on the second anniversary of a deadly white supremacist rally…  More and more of us are discovering the hard way that what you post on your Facebook or Twitter feed can come back to haunt you at your job – new research from JMU shows how…  And, in Part 2 of My World, we explore how proposed improvements to I-81 might affect the Valley’s environment….

WMRA Daily 8/8/19

Aug 8, 2019

Community activists from Charlottesville are asking Twitter to ban white supremacists before the 2nd anniversary of the deadly Unite the Right rally this weekend...  Meanwhile, Charlottesville’s former mayor says the current mayor is not doing enough to control council meetings…  We kick off a new series called My World, with an answer to an important student question:  How does Interstate 81 affect the environment?

WMRA Daily 8/7/19

Aug 7, 2019

It’s official – incumbent Culpeper Republican Delegate Nick Freitas will not be on the ballot this November…  Prosecutors say officers were justified in their use of deadly force while responding to an assault near Timberville last month…  Virginia declares it’s Farmers Market Week, so we’ll explore how farmer’s markets around the state are helping keep smaller farming communities alive….

WMRA Daily 8/6/19

Aug 6, 2019

Those suing the organizers of Unite the Right in 2017 say recent massacres only strengthen their resolve to break up online hate networks…  The fate of Charlottesville’s police Civilian Review Board now goes to City Council…  Governor Northam says voters should reject gun violence when they vote on November 5th….

WMRA Daily 8/5/19

Aug 5, 2019

Virginia’s top mental health official is dead from injuries he suffered in a three-car crash in Augusta County…  Former Governor Terry McAuliffe's account of the deadly Unite the Right rally is receiving criticism from some who were in Charlottesville that weekend in August 2017…  The vast majority of teachers in Virginia are white, a cause of concern for some who say more diversity is needed in the classroom….