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Spanberger wants to bridge the digital divide.  The state targets surprise medical bills.  National money pours in to influence state races. 

WMRA Daily 8/15/19

Aug 15, 2019

A new immigrant child detention center is slated for Virginia.  Obamacare’s Cadillac Tax unites the parties in opposition.  Liquor tops a billion.  Both sides file August 12 lawsuits.

The story of three lawsuits.  Virginia Republicans' position on gun control is a moving target.

WMRA Daily 8/13/19

Aug 13, 2019

In Charlottesville, people remember August 12, 2017, while an investigation falls behind schedule.  Virginia republicans warm to some gun control measures.   There’s a new legal front in the battle over the Mountain Valley pipeline.  JMU students do archeology in Wilson’s gardens.

Have your say on 81.  JMU is a national leader.  And a veteran songwriter talks about his “Battle of Charlottesville”. 

WMRA Daily 8/9/19

Aug 9, 2019

Several events are planned this weekend to unite Charlottesville on the second anniversary of a deadly white supremacist rally…  More and more of us are discovering the hard way that what you post on your Facebook or Twitter feed can come back to haunt you at your job – new research from JMU shows how…  And, in Part 2 of My World, we explore how proposed improvements to I-81 might affect the Valley’s environment….

WMRA Daily 8/8/19

Aug 8, 2019

Community activists from Charlottesville are asking Twitter to ban white supremacists before the 2nd anniversary of the deadly Unite the Right rally this weekend...  Meanwhile, Charlottesville’s former mayor says the current mayor is not doing enough to control council meetings…  We kick off a new series called My World, with an answer to an important student question:  How does Interstate 81 affect the environment?

WMRA Daily 8/7/19

Aug 7, 2019

It’s official – incumbent Culpeper Republican Delegate Nick Freitas will not be on the ballot this November…  Prosecutors say officers were justified in their use of deadly force while responding to an assault near Timberville last month…  Virginia declares it’s Farmers Market Week, so we’ll explore how farmer’s markets around the state are helping keep smaller farming communities alive….

WMRA Daily 8/6/19

Aug 6, 2019

Those suing the organizers of Unite the Right in 2017 say recent massacres only strengthen their resolve to break up online hate networks…  The fate of Charlottesville’s police Civilian Review Board now goes to City Council…  Governor Northam says voters should reject gun violence when they vote on November 5th….

WMRA Daily 8/5/19

Aug 5, 2019

Virginia’s top mental health official is dead from injuries he suffered in a three-car crash in Augusta County…  Former Governor Terry McAuliffe's account of the deadly Unite the Right rally is receiving criticism from some who were in Charlottesville that weekend in August 2017…  The vast majority of teachers in Virginia are white, a cause of concern for some who say more diversity is needed in the classroom….

WMRA Daily 8/2/19

Aug 2, 2019

Culpeper-area Delegate Nick Freitas says he will remove his fight to get back on the ballot if state officials will allow another Republican to run for his seat…  An 18-year-old Staunton woman is dead, and Virginia’s top mental health official is in critical condition after a crash in Augusta County…  Senator Tim Kaine co-sponsors a bill to ban the use of the death penalty by the federal government….

WMRA Daily 8/1/19

Aug 1, 2019

In its first year of Medicaid expansion, Virginia has enrolled about three-quarters of its targeted population…  Charlottesville officials anticipate a calm anniversary of the deadly Unite the Right rally in a couple of weeks…  The Port of Virginia pushes back against President Trump’s tariffs on imports from China....

WMRA Daily 7/31/19

Jul 31, 2019

President Trump says four centuries of democracy in America have been [quote] “incredible”…  One protester disagrees, interrupting Trump’s speech…  And, other state legislators boycott the speech entirely, instead holding their own ceremony to commemorate the arrival of the first enslaved Africans – we have reports from Jamestown and Richmond….

WMRA Daily 7/30/19

Jul 30, 2019

A federal judge dismisses what remained of a lawsuit against the Shenandoah Valley Juvenile Center…  We take a look back at 1619, the year of the first General Assembly, and a time when the first Africans were brought here in slavery…  President Trump will visit Jamestown to mark the 400th anniversary celebrations, but most black lawmakers in Virginia will boycott, citing Trump’s attacks on a number of lawmakers of color…

WMRA Daily 7/29/19

Jul 29, 2019

Immigration advocates host a workshop on ICE and migrant rights in Harrisonburg… Meanwhile, some members of a church in North Carolina travel to Farmville to protest a migrant detention center there…  A federal court deals another setback to the Atlantic Coast Pipeline….

WMRA Daily 7/26/19

Jul 26, 2019

We check in with the next steps for a group focused on Virginia’s history of lynchings…  Congressman Ben Cline works on reform to the process of filing bankruptcy…  Hundreds of thousands of Virginians are eligible to get their drivers’ licenses back under a new law, but the challenge now is how to reach them….

WMRA Daily 7/25/19

Jul 25, 2019

A Confederate statue in Charlottesville that became a rallying point for white supremacists has been vandalized, again…  Harrisonburg is destroying hundreds of trees at a city park to fight an invasive insect… Culpeper-area Republicans choose incumbent Nick Freitas to run for re-election for his House of Delegates seat, even though he missed an important filing deadline….

WMRA Daily 7/24/19

Jul 24, 2019

An appeals court tosses a lawsuit against Charlottesville officials related to the deadly August 2017 white supremacist rally…  Governor Northam sets aside money for the 2020 Census…  Even as acceptance of marijuana spreads, pot arrests are at almost record highs in Virginia….

WMRA Daily 7/23/19

Jul 23, 2019

Former Virginia Governor L. Douglas Wilder is disputing an investigator’s finding that he kissed a much younger university student without her consent…  Researchers in JMU’s biology department are part of a team studying whether limb regeneration in animals can be duplicated in humans…  Superhero movie blockbusters do not necessarily translate into more business for local comic book shops….

WMRA Daily 7/22/19

Jul 22, 2019

Former slave dwellings in Virginia are being added to Google's Street View…  Charlottesville’s Impulse Gay Social Club is now also open in Waynesboro…  Also, while we’re in Waynesboro, we also visit the Wildlife Center of Virginia, to learn why it’s important to save the possums….

WMRA Daily 7/19/19

Jul 19, 2019

Republican incumbent Delegate Nick Freitas in the 30th District says he’s taking his name off the ballot…  Virginia Senator Tim Kaine co-sponsors legislation to halt what he calls “cruel treatment of children at the border”…  And you don’t want to miss a riveting interview with the Harrisonburg author of a book, telling the story of how he lost his brother in a brutal murder 50 years ago….

WMRA Daily 7/18/19

Jul 18, 2019

Two more companies, including one founded by Olympic star Usain Bolt, are bringing their scooters to Harrisonburg this fall…  We visit a traveling exhibit that commemorates a man lynched more than 100 years ago in Albemarle County…  We also visit Shenandoah Women’s Healthcare in Harrisonburg, celebrating 20 years this month….

WMRA Daily 7/17/19

Jul 17, 2019

Flyers touting ICE and law enforcement appear in Waynesboro, apparently distributed by the KKK…  Meanwhile, massive ICE raids touted by President Trump aren’t happening yet, but there HAS been an uptick in safety checkpoints…  We fact-check some claims made by Trump’s new immigration czar, former Virginia attorney general Ken Cuccinelli….

WMRA Daily 7/16/19

Jul 16, 2019

The neo-Nazi who killed Heather Heyer gets life plus 419 years in his state conviction…  Virginia’s rural population is declining, a trend expected to increase in coming years…  We meet some of the scientists at NASA’s Langley facility in Virginia who were part of the effort to put men on the moon for the first time, 50 years ago….

WMRA Daily 7/15/19

Jul 15, 2019

James Alex Fields will spend the rest of his life in prison from federal charges for killing Heather Heyer and injuring many others, but this week’s sentencing in state court will likely add to that time…  Harrisonburg police are searching for suspects after two people were shot near downtown Sunday evening…  It’s hurricane season – do you need flood insurance?

WMRA Daily 7/12/19

Jul 12, 2019

A VCU investigation finds that former Virginia Governor L. Douglas Wilder kissed a much younger university student without her consent, but cleared him on other allegations…  A UVa study finds that women are much more likely than men to be injured in frontal car crashes…  And, recent reporting by the Daily News Record profiles local workers with disabilities who are benefiting from a historically low unemployment rate – we talk with the reporter who wrote the series….

WMRA Daily 7/11/19

Jul 11, 2019

A woman protesting the Atlantic Coast Pipeline by riding her horse along the route nears the end of her journey…  A lawyer for Justin Fairfax says an eyewitness can help clear the Lieutenant Governor of one of two accusations of sexual assault…  We talk with Trent Wagler of the Steel Wheels about what has become one of the most-anticipated annual summer music events in the area, the Red Wing Roots Music Festival….

WMRA Daily 7/10/19

Jul 10, 2019

Republicans in the General Assembly adjourn a brief special session without considering any new gun control legislation – they say a commission should be appointed instead, to study the problem…  A judge rules that Charlottesville city councilors are immune from a lawsuit over their vote in 2016 to remove Confederate statues…  Downtown business owners in Harrisonburg tell city council they are increasingly frustrated with panhandlers on their property….

Today at the capitol is all about guns.  VCU works to improve care for the elderly.  JMU rehearses disaster.  New scooters: new laws.

WMRA Daily 7/8/19

Jul 8, 2019

In Richmond, tomorrow’s special session on gun violence covers familiar ground. The Klan looks for recruits.  Virginia grows unexpectedly.  The battle over a giant flag looms.  Virginia Tech advises on protecting your head on the field.