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WMRA Daily 11/20/19

17 hours ago

Researchers at UVa say they have uncovered important clues to a genetic heart condition that causes sudden death…  Is another federal government shutdown looming, and how would it affect Virginia?...  Parents and school officials in Richmond are still wrestling with intense racial segregation….

WMRA Daily 11/19/19

Nov 19, 2019

A white man charged with making racist threats against a black activist in Charlottesville wants to delay his trial…  Virginia’s first hemp crop in 80 years has met with some unexpected consequences – the hemp harvest is getting stolen…  Valley Delegate Todd Gilbert is Republicans’ choice to lead them into their new minority status in the House….

WMRA Daily 11/18/19

Nov 18, 2019

More than a dozen people are hospitalized after a commercial bus hits an overturned tractor trailer on Interstate 64 on Afton Mountain…  Virginia candidates raked in record amounts of cash for this year’s elections, and now they’ve got to figure out what to do with the excess…  We take a look at the relatively small proportion of African-American doctors in Virginia….

WMRA Daily 11/15/19

Nov 15, 2019

For the first time in two decades, black legislators will lead powerful committees in the General Assembly…  Meanwhile, Virginia’s Republican representatives in the U.S. House are mostly mum on impeachment…  We return to the tiny town of Saxis on Virginia’s eastern shore, struggling to be more resilient in the face of rising water….

WMRA Daily 11/14/19

Nov 14, 2019

Louisa County officials have charged a 16-year-old boy with first-degree murder in the gunshot slaying of an elderly man, and with wounding the man’s wife…  The owner of a zoo in Winchester where more than 100 animals were seized earlier this year has been charged with animal cruelty…  We visit a tiny community in the Chesapeake Bay in danger from rising waters due to climate change….

WMRA Daily 11/13/19

Nov 13, 2019

The State Crime Commission releases a highly anticipated report on gun violence, but the findings are inconclusive…  Confederate statues in Charlottesville and elsewhere could begin coming down now that Democrats have won control of state government…  We do some historical fact-checking on presidential candidate Joe Biden’s claim that Democratic wins in Virginia last week also means that Democrats would win nationwide in 2020…

WMRA Daily 11/12/19

Nov 12, 2019

Advocates in Harrisonburg hold a vigil in support of DACA…  Charlottesville police remove unauthorized equipment apparently set up to catch vandals near a controversial Confederate statue…  Some Shenandoah Valley opponents of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline lend support to tree-sitters blocking the Mountain Valley Pipeline near Roanoke….

WMRA Daily 11/11/19

Nov 11, 2019

Virginia’s next speaker of the House of Delegates will be a woman for the first time ever…  A new UVa study finds that children raised in a city with better sidewalks and pedestrian crosswalks – a “walkable” city -- will have a better chance of success…  Insights from this month’s Books & Brews author into dealing with depression and mental health, from her own experience….

WMRA Daily 11/8/19

Nov 8, 2019

Governor Northam announces a big new program for Virginia universities to churn out thousands of new tech grads…  This week’s election results in a record-high number of women in the legislature…  One of those women, a Muslim of Indian heritage elected to the state Senate, has sparked a hateful, racist backlash on social media….

WMRA Daily 11/7/19

Nov 7, 2019

Now that Democrats have unified power in Virginia, they look ahead to a legislative agenda that includes gun control, environmental protection, and allowing cities to remove Confederate statues…  For the first time, a woman may soon lead the House of Delegates…  The bad news for the GOP was particularly bad in northern Virginia, where Republicans were removed from all their seats in Tuesday’s election….

WMRA Daily 11/6/19

Nov 6, 2019

In January, Democrats will take control of both houses of the General Assembly for the first time in more than a quarter-century, and we have reaction to Tuesday’s elections from both sides of the aisle…  Meanwhile, the Shenandoah Valley and the Blue Ridge area remain friendly territory for Republicans, as GOP incumbents again beat back Democratic challengers in much of the WMRA area…  And, we meet a change agent coming to speak at this week’s TedXCharlottesville….

WMRA Daily 11/5/19

Nov 5, 2019

Virginians vote, and we have a look at the city-county divide, the power of millennials, and the effects of redistricting on your ballot…  CBS says Lieutenant Governor Fairfax's defamation suit is an attempt to silence his accusers…  Virginia’s Wallops Island Flight Facility sends more supplies to the International Space Station….

WMRA Daily 11/4/19

Nov 4, 2019

Two men die in separate Interstate highway incidents…  The current Republican vice president, and a former Democratic vice president now running for president, make campaign stops in Virginia, and Democrats say both visits will help them in Tuesday’s elections…  Meanwhile, opponents of abortion rights are working overtime for Republican candidates….

WMRA Daily 11/1/19

Nov 1, 2019

Virginia's Congressional representatives vote along party lines to pass new rules for the House's impeachment inquiry into President Trump…  Virginia's attorney general files another lawsuit over the opioid crisis…  Meanwhile, just days before Virginia’s elections, last minute money streams into campaigns across the commonwealth….

WMRA Daily 10/31/19

Oct 31, 2019

The Louisa County Sheriff’s Office says a missing girl has been found safe…  The latest campaign finance reports show that lots of money is coming into Virginia from outside the Commonwealth…  We trudge through the wet woods near Crozet, as a wheel from a 60-year-old plane crash is returned to rest at the crash site….

WMRA Daily 10/30/19

Oct 30, 2019

Former Governor Gerald Baliles dies at his home in Charlottesville…  The former nurse at the regional jail in Lexington gets a year in prison for falsifying the record of an inmate’s beating…  Democratic Representative Abigail Spanberger wants more transparency in drug prices….

WMRA Daily 10/29/19

Oct 29, 2019

A defamation lawsuit against a Charlottesville activist, a reporter, and a newspaper is thrown out of court...  Dominion Energy warns customers about a phone scam fishing for money...  With just a week to go in November’s elections, we take a look at ads on social media, who’s campaigning in Virginia, the surge of absentee ballots, and, remember that election from a couple years back that ended in a tie?

WMRA Daily 10/28/19

Oct 28, 2019

A new poll shows an advantage for Democrats in some state Senate races…  Meanwhile, presidential candidates are flocking to Virginia to campaign…  Studies show that just a couple of minutes talking to your doctor can make a big difference if you abuse or are addicted to alcohol….

WMRA Daily 10/25/19

Oct 25, 2019

Contract employees at UVa will also get a pay raise, along with full-time staff…  Former Governor Doug Wilder says a review panel has cleared him of nonconsensual sexual contact with a VCU student, but the student’s lawyer and VCU say that’s not the whole story…  Kid Pan Alley celebrates its 20th anniversary with a new album….

WMRA Daily 10/24/19

Oct 24, 2019

New plans to turn manure into electrical energy…  The FBI is now helping with the search for a missing Louisa County girl, who is believed to be in danger…  Governor Ralph Northam is back in the political fray, months after a blackface scandal almost ended his career….

WMRA Daily 10/23/19

Oct 23, 2019

The Governor and the First Lady help launch economic and education initiatives in Charlottesville...  A preview of what to watch for in next month’s General Assembly elections…  Meanwhile, Democrats get a celebrity boost from Alec Baldwin….

WMRA Daily 10/22/19

Oct 22, 2019

The expansion of a mental health hospital in Staunton is being delayed and costs are going up…  We take a look at one House of Delegates race in the Lexington area, where Democrats are fighting hard to turn the deep red 24th district blue this year…  We check with an expert at Shenandoah National Park to explore why the fall colors are a little late this year….

WMRA Daily 10/21/19

Oct 21, 2019

The first residential drone package delivery service in the U.S. is off the ground in Virginia…  Governor Northam says Virginia has made what he calls the largest renewable energy contract ever negotiated for state government…  The University of Virginia pioneers a less invasive treatment for thyroid patients….

WMRA Daily 10/18/19

Oct 18, 2019

Strasburg's controversial mayor turns himself in over charges that he misused town and state funds…  Virginia education officials endorse a new way to more fairly allocate money for schools…  We hear from one expert on the link between poverty and eviction….

WMRA Daily 10/17/19

Oct 17, 2019

The man accused of making racist threats against a black activist in Charlottesville pleads not guilty…  For many crops in Virginia, Wednesday's rain was too little, too late…  The battle for control of Virginia’s legislature is breaking records in political fundraising, and some of that money is paying for ads on your TV….

WMRA Daily 10/16/19

Oct 16, 2019

State officials warn this could be one of the most severe fall wildfire seasons in years…  A majority of Virginians favor the House’s impeachment inquiry, according to one poll…  We meet one couple bringing magic and mystery, including Quidditch, to Staunton….

WMRA Daily 10/15/19

Oct 15, 2019

The newsroom at the Daily Progress in Charlottesville forms a union, and they have a list of demands for the corporate owner...  Statues of seven influential women are revealed in Richmond…  In Virginia, every year is election year, and we explore the costs and benefits of that….

WMRA Daily 10/14/19

Oct 14, 2019

Richmond joins Charlottesville and a handful of other Virginia cities in marking today as Indigenous Peoples’ Day, supplanting the federal Columbus Day holiday…  A federal judge strikes down Virginia’s law requiring people to state their race when applying for a marriage license…  Voter registration is way up in Virginia, and that could be good news for Democrats….

WMRA Daily 10/11/19

Oct 11, 2019

Harrisonburg and Winchester report the lowest rates of violent and property crimes in Virginia…  Dominion releases its latest plan to cut carbon emissions and deal with climate change…  In his new book, a UVa researcher explains how science works, and why so many people, from Flat Earthers to climate change deniers, don’t trust it….

A forum today addresses how trauma affects developing minds.  Candidates meet for debates and a town hall.  Who pays more in taxes is a tricky question in Virginia.