Spring Break Health Camp

Apr 6, 2018

Some kids have been enjoying their spring break this week. For some that’s meant vegging out, or maybe going to visit relatives out of town. But for a group of 13 girls in Charlottesville, it’s meant a week-long camp focused on health. WMRA’s Jordy Yager has more.

The camp is put on by the Jefferson Area Children’s Health Insurance Program, Sentara Health and the City of Promise, a cradle-to-career non-profit that works with hundreds of kids in Charlottesville’s oldest continual African-American neighborhood.

The 13 girls started the week by taking photos of things they see as assets. Friends, family, nature, their communities. Jackie Martin is the director of community benefits for Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital and a lead organizer of the camp.

JACKIE MARTIN: What makes you comfortable, what makes you happy, what encourages good health?

The week is packed with yoga, mindfulness, a trip to see the Black Panther movie, and even a visit to the hospital to learn CPR. For lunch, they head to PB&J Kitchen for cooking skills. And on Wednesday, development coach Kaye Monroe paid the girls a visit. She told them, there’s an inside you, and an outside you.

KAYE MONROE: The inside you is the you that we don’t see. You don’t let us see but so much of that. Matter fact, we don’t look inside enough. We spend more time on the outside than you spend thinking about the inside you, but the inside you will manifest on the outside you.

The camp is in its third year, and on Friday for the first time the group is headed to D.C. to the National Museum of African-American History and Culture.

For WMRA News, I’m Jordy Yager.