International Women's Day in Harrisonburg

Mar 12, 2018

The second annual International Women’s Day March in Harrisonburg took place Saturday.  WMRA’s Calvin Pynn reports.

(Sound of crowd marching)

Colorful flags and garments held up against a drab sky Saturday morning as a crowd marched downtown to celebrate International Women’s Day. Faculty and students from Harrisonburg High School – including those in the school’s Black Student Union – also participated. This was senior Areen Quambari’s second year marching, representing the Kurdish community.

AREEN QUAMBARI: We want to be able to see a change, not like just continuing to fight and not get any, you know?

'Press for Progress' was this year’s theme, pushing for communities to include women of diverse backgrounds and nationalities in decision making processes. It’s a move Harrisonburg Mayor Deanna Reed called for in her speech at Court Square Saturday morning.

MAYOR DEANNA REED: Ladies, we make up 52 percent of our city’s population. We are the majority, and we are still underrepresented. Our leadership must become a true reflection – a mirror – of the people we serve.

Other speakers touched on topics related to gender parity – including the wage gap – as well as women immigrants protected under DACA and TPS.