Harrisonburg Council Again Selects Reed for Mayor

Jan 2, 2019

Harrisonburg’s city council has selected the city's new mayor - and she’s a familiar name.  WMRA’s Bridget Manley reports.

In council chambers Wednesday morning, members re-elected Deanna Reed as mayor for another two-year term. Councilman George Hirschmann was the only vote not in favor for Reed.  Reed, who has served as the city’s mayor for the past two years, says she’s happy to have the platform to serve the community.

DEANNA REED: Well of course I’m very humbled. It’s always been very special to me to be mayor of my hometown. So, I was excited that my council members felt like I could continue in the role.

During the reorganization meeting, the two winners in the November elections - Sal Romero and Chris Jones - were sworn in for two-year terms.  Romero was also unanimously elected vice mayor. He said he wants to speed up the construction of the new high school.

SAL ROMERO: As a council member, I will have the ability to move forward some legislation and obviously the second high school is a very important issue that I spoke [about] consistently throughout in my campaign. I definitely want to be in those conversations right away.

While the new school is one of both the mayor’s and the vice mayor’s priorities, both say homelessness in Harrisonburg is another top priority.

REED: I want to carry on my homelessness forums, tackle affordable housing, and work with our newcomers - our immigrants and our refugees - and make sure they are getting the services they need.

Incumbent councilman Chris Jones was elected to serve as school board liaison, in addition to councilman Richard Baugh, who has already been serving as liaison.

The new council will hold it’s first meeting next Tuesday [Jan. 8] in council chambers.