Chris Christie Visits the Miller Center

Feb 13, 2018

Chris Christie, the former New Jersey Governor and Republican presidential candidate, visited the Miller Center Monday to discuss his bid for the Republican nomination, and what he thinks of the first year of the Trump presidency. WMRA’s Marguerite Gallorini has this report.

The Miller Center in Charlottesville does not often receive guests who are sympathetic to President Trump. This time, former Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie gave his take on the Trump presidency.

CHRIS CHRISTIE: The race of he [sic] against Hillary Clinton was the ultimate insider vs. the ultimate outsider. And I think people chose an outsider; but, once you get there, you need people around you who know how to play the inside game. And I think he's been ill-served by a number of the people around him who have not known how to pull that off.

As a former federal prosecutor, Chris Christie also discussed the possibility of special counsel Robert Mueller questioning Donald Trump.

CHRISTIE: That's a drastic step to ask the President of the United States to submit themselves to interview by the FBI. I don't think that should be done lightly. My guess is that Bob Mueller hasn't even asked yet. He's doing this in a very methodical way. But we're not there. Part of it: the instant gratification society we live in now is "everybody wants the answer now," "what's the end of the book," we don't know. I do think that process matters. We not only need to get to the right place, but we got to get to the right place in the right way. So we got to wait until the end of the book, we can't skip to the back.