Andy Parker Brings Gun Reform Campaign to JMU

Mar 15, 2019

Andy Parker spoke Thursday evening [March 14] at JMU. Behind him, a photo of his JMU grad daughter, Alison Parker, shot to death by a gunman in 2015.
Credit Calvin Pynn

Since reporter and JMU alumna Alison Parker was fatally shot in 2015, her father, Andy Parker, has fought to reform gun laws.  He wrote a book that details that fight. Parker shared his story with JMU students Thursday night.  WMRA’s Calvin Pynn has the story.

Andy Parker channeled his grief into action for gun reform after his daughter Alison and photojournalist Adam Ward were fatally shot during a live broadcast.

ANDY PARKER: People all over the world saw Alison die, and while I never saw it, and I hope to god I never do, the replay I concocted in my head was worse.

Parker’s book, titled “For Alison,” chronicles his activism for gun control as well as stories from his daughter’s life and journalism career. Just as tragedy prompted him to push for safer gun laws, Parker hopes the book will inspire others to do the same.

PARKER: It’s taking the most devastating thing that can happen to a parent, and turning it into something constructive.

Those actions have provoked ire from those threatened by Parker’s call for gun safety, including gun lobbyists and YouTube “truthers” who believe Alison’s shooting was a hoax. The latter has become so severe that Parker plans to take his fight directly to Google, who he says enables content from conspiracy theorists.

PARKER: Google wants to keep you clicking and why? Because they take your data, and they sell it. So, what they are doing by keeping this stuff up there, they monetize and profit from Alison’s murder.