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Headin' to Hyrule: The Legend of Zelda returns with 'Tears of the Kingdom' (Rebroadcast)

Six years after the release of its acclaimed open-world entry, “Breath of the Wild,” the Legend of Zelda series is back. 

“Tears of the Kingdom” is the latest installment in the 37-year-old video game series that sends us back to the kingdom of Hyrule, following the latest adventures of protagonists Link and Zelda. 

But this time, Hyrule’s open world looks a little different. The addition of sky islands sends players into the clouds, providing even more Hyrule to explore than its predecessor. 

Although the game came out less than a week ago, and sales numbers for digital copies haven’t been released, it’s already the biggest game of 2023, selling more physical copies than any other release this year. 

We head to Hyrule and talk all things LoZ.

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Arfie Ghedi