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Charlottesville City Council Candidates


Six Charlottesville city council candidates gave their final pitches to voters on Wednesday night at the African American Heritage Center in preparation for Election Day on November 7th. WMRA’s Jordy Yager has more.

There was Independent John Hall.

JOHN HALL: Money from city council subsidies could help employers provide good jobs with a living wage.

Democrat Heather Hill…

HEATHER HILL: I walked and knocked doors on every street in our city because I feel it’s important for me to hear first hand the priorities of those I hope to serve.

Independent Kenneth Jackson…

KENNETH JACKSON: And if elected to city council, my job is to move heaven and earth, work with Democrats, Republicans, independents, I don’t care if I’ve got to work with Goofy.

Democrat Amy Laufer…

AMY LAUFER: And we need to be coming up with policies and budgetary decisions that can help our community as it is changing to be the best it can be and that everybody can succeed.

Independent Paul Long…

PAUL LONG: People who work in housekeeping and dietary to transporters, the salaries that they’re receiving is a disgrace and the University of Virginia has the money to pay them better.  

And Independent candidate Nikuyah Walker…

NIKUYAH WALKER: So we need diversity in leadership. We need diversity in our school system. I mean it’s going to take such an individualized program to get individuals affected by generational poverty out of the pits of poverty.

Jordy Yager was a freelance reporter for WMRA from 2015 - 2019.