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Digital Humanities

Are you a techie, or are you artsy?  Do you like the latest digital gadgets, or is a good novel more your thing?

Maybe you don't have to choose.

What if we could use the power of digital technology to open up new worlds in the arts, in literature, and in history?

It turns out we can.

Digital humanities people use the latest technology to map time as well as space, and to experience and explore creative works in unexpected ways. Some of them you can try for yourself.

Guest Host:
Peter Norton, Ph.D. - Author of Fighting Traffic: The Dawn of the Motor Age in the American City (MIT Press). Associate Professor of History at the University of Virginia.   

Bethany Nowviskie, Ph.D. - Director of the Library Department of Digital Research & Scholarship, as well as Special Advisor to the Provost for the Advancement of Digital Humanities, at the University of Virginia.

Paul Youngman, Ph.D. - Chair of the Digital Humanities Working Group and Head of the Department of German and Russian at Washington and Lee University.

Tom Graham was Senior Producer and host of WMRA's Virginia Insight from 2006 to 2015.