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Virginia Insight

Recalling the “War To End All Wars”

Library of Congress

It got underway one hundred years ago.  (Although the U-S wouldn’t join in until almost 3 years later.)
Our question -- are there lessons from World War One that are relevant in today’s universe?
And if there are, what might those lessons be?  


Edward Lengel, Ph.D. -  Author of the Washington Post Op/Ed  "Why Didn't We Listen to Their War Stories?".    Author of the books World War I Memories  (Scarecrow Press); To Conquer Hell: The Meuse-Argonne, 1918,   (Henry Holt & Company);  and the forthcoming Thunder And Flames:  Americans in the Crucible of Combat, 1917-1918.    Professor and Editor-in-Chief of the Papers of George Washington  project at the University of Virginia.

Stephen Schuker, Ph.D. -  Author of the Time Magazine Op/Ed "What Historians Get Wrong about World War I," . Author of the book American Reparations to Germany, 1919-33: Implications for the Third World Debt Crisis (Princeton University).  The William W. Corcoran Professor of History at the University of Virginia.