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Industrial Hemp... Heard of it?

Then maybe you know it can be used to create paper, plastics, food, fuel, clothing, rope, insulation, building materials... and more.

And that it is a significant cash crop in many places in the world.

We talk with some of those who want to make it legal to once again produce industrial hemp in Virginia.

Jason Amatucci - Founder of the Virginia Industrial Hemp Coalition.

Jim Politis - Retired buffalo rancher. Owner of the Brush Creek Buffalo Farm farm in Riner, Virginia. Former member of the Montgomery County (Virginia) Board of Supervisors.  Member of the Virginia Industrial Hemp Coalition.

Additional Contributors:                                                                                                                           Manuel Lerdau, Ph.D. - Plant physiologist and ecologist.  Professor in the Department of Environmental Sciences and the Department of Biology, University of Virginia.

Joseph R. Yost, M.A.  - Republican member of the Virginia House of Delegates representing the 12th District, which includes the city of Radford; the county of Giles; plus portions of Montgomery and Pulaski.

Tom Graham was Senior Producer and host of WMRA's Virginia Insight from 2006 to 2015.