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Seeking Faster Help for Kids in Mental Health Crisis

You and your kids are out in a storm.  One of your children is hit by lightning.  How fast would you want a doctor’s help?

What if the hospital said, “Sorry.  No one will be able to see your child for at least a month."

That is the scenario many Virginia parents feel they face when it comes to a sudden, lightning-strike-like crisis in mental health.

But a bit more help in getting help may be on its way.


Richard “Dickie” Bell - Republican representing Virginia’s 20th House of Delegates district -- including the  cities of Staunton and Waynesboro; the county of Highland; plus portions of Augusta and Nelson.

Margaret Nimmo Crowe - Director of Policy at Voices for Virginia's Children. Coordinator for the Campaign for Children's Mental Health. Former chair of a regional Community Services Board (CSB). In Virginia, CSBs are the agencies charged with providing mental health services at the local level.

“Shannon”  - Mother of a 6 year old boy recently hospitalized for mental health trauma.

Tom Graham was Senior Producer and host of WMRA's Virginia Insight from 2006 to 2015.