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Reason OR Intuition? Why not BOTH?

Past NASA scientist Dave Pruett wishes it weren't so often thought of as an either/or choice when it comes to  intuition  and  reason.  He spent a dozen years trying to get his thoughts down on paper.  And the book is ready.  His labor-of-love tome (available on Amazon) is  Reason and Wonder: A Copernican Revolution in Science and Spirit.  A computational scientist and emeritus professor of mathematics at James Madison University, Dave has a pile of awards for excellence in teaching, for computational fluid dynamics (ahem --whatever that is), and even has a Templeton Foundation prize for probing issues of science/religion interaction.  

On the Huffington Post, Dave raises points like:

"Sensation is an abstraction, not a replication, of the real world.... How do physical stimuli generate subjective experience?"  

"Humans perceive light at a wavelength of 700 nanometers as red; we haven't a clue why red."

"What is consciousness if you cannot poke it with your finger?"

Dave says that the latter item above is a question science dislikes dealing with.

During his radio interview with us, Dave mentions  Jean Houston,  Pierre Teilhard de Chardin,  Thomas Berry, and  Parker Palmer.  Dave's website is  ReasonAndWonder.ORG


Marth Woodroof has retired from WMRA and is now spending her time as a full-time writer and published author.