Bridget Manley

After years of falling into disrepair, plans to rehabilitate the Warm Springs Pools in Bath County are back on, according to the owners. WMRA’s Bridget Manley reports.

WMRA Daily 8/2/21

12 hours ago

LGBTQ advocates and legal experts decry the Augusta County School Board’s decision to reject new state guidelines protecting transgender students…  A Lynchburg judge says Liberty University’s lawsuit against former leader Jerry Falwell, Jr., can go ahead…  The General Assembly reconvenes in special session today….

WMRA Daily 7/30/21

Jul 30, 2021

More than 60,000 Virginians could be in danger of losing housing as the federal eviction moratorium ends…  We have some analysis of next week’s special General Assembly session…  Kansas comes to Virginia!

Kansas Rocks The Valley

Jul 29, 2021

American progressive rock giants Kansas are celebrating their 47th anniversary with a concert Saturday night (July 31, 2021) as part of the Shenandoah Valley Music Festival in Orkney Springs.

WMRA Daily 7/29/21

Jul 29, 2021

A Virginia judge tosses out a challenge to transgender student protections…  Virginia’s redistricting commission is hearing from voters…  We share another local StoryCorps conversation between two women who forged a friendship through a shared journey of grief and healing….

WMRA Daily 7/28/21

Jul 28, 2021

A federal review recommends that miles of installed pipeline and downed trees be left in place after the cancellation of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline…  Virginia Republicans complain they’re being left out of discussions over how to spend more than $4 billion in federal stimulus funds…  Virginia is doing better than most other states in rent relief, but many families are still at risk….

WMRA Daily 7/27/21

Jul 27, 2021

Governor Northam wants to use some federal stimulus money to fix the air systems in Virginia’s public schools…  But that’s largely up to the General Assembly, which meets next week…  The hotel sector in Virginia is having trouble recovering from the pandemic downturn….

WMRA Daily 7/26/21

Jul 26, 2021

Authorities believe they may have found the body of a missing Charlottesville woman in Shenandoah National Park…  A UVa doctor is arrested for allegedly possessing child pornography…  Undocumented pregnant women in Virginia are now eligible for Medicaid coverage….

WMRA Daily 7/23/21

Jul 23, 2021

COVID-19 cases are again on the rise in Virginia, and the governor says he will continue to encourage, rather than mandate, vaccinations and other measures…  How much federal stimulus money will state lawmakers allocate to protect people against getting evicted?...  A prisoner sues the state for refusing to allow him to take medication for his opioid dependency….

Over the next three Saturdays, venues in Staunton, Fishersville, and Waynesboro are hosting 'Vax the Valley' events put on by the Central Shenandoah Health District and Augusta Health. WMRA's Randi B. Hagi reports.

WMRA Daily 7/22/21

Jul 22, 2021

Virginia will get more than half a billion dollars from a national opioid settlement…  With the mask mandates for public schools ending and vaccines still unavailable for kids under 12, state health officials release new guidelines urging school divisions to require masks, at least in elementary schools…  Over the next three Saturdays, venues in Augusta County will host 'Vax the Valley' events to get more shots in arms….

WMRA Daily 7/21/21

Jul 21, 2021

After weeks of declining or holding steady, new COVID-19 cases are up in Virginia…  As police search for a missing woman this week in Shenandoah National Park, a murder case from 25 years ago in the Park gets new attention from the FBI, and the Innocence Project…  We share another local StoryCorps conversation between the co-founders of the Native American Church of Virginia….

As part of WMRA’s partnership with StoryCorps in the Shenandoah Valley and Central Virginia, we’re sharing a conversation today between René White from the Lumbee Nation and Chris White, who traces his ancestry back to Cherokee, co-founders of the Native American Church of Virginia.

WMRA Daily 7/20/21

Jul 20, 2021

Virginia’s redistricting commission replaces a missing member, passing over a representative from McGaheysville in favor of a member from the Lynchburg area…  Hundreds of Afghans and their families will be evacuated to a military base in Virginia, part of an effort to protect those who worked for the U.S. military in Afghanistan…  WMRA’s General Manager Matt Bingay has a remembrance of Martha Woodroof, who died Sunday….

Former WMRA reporter and host Martha Woodroof died at home near Harrisonburg early Sunday morning, according to a post by her daughter on her Facebook page.

Randi B. Hagi

The Little Free Libraries, those book-sharing boxes that have popped up all over the world in the last decade, have inspired another open-access method of sharing media: miniature outdoor art museums, such as the one now on display outside The Fralin Museum of Art in Charlottesville. WMRA's Randi B. Hagi reports.

WMRA Daily 7/19/21

Jul 19, 2021

New police data show that Black drivers in Virginia are more likely to be stopped and searched by police than any other racial or ethnic group…  A new art exhibit in Charlottesville is based on the idea of the Little Free Library…  We remember Martha Woodroof, the former WMRA reporter and host who passed away early Sunday….

WMRA Daily 7/16/21

Jul 16, 2021

Internal emails from the support force of the Virginia National Guard are up for sale on the dark web…  Virginia ends the fiscal year with a huge surplus, despite the pandemic…  Students around the state help gather data as part of a big heat-mapping project….

WMRA Daily 7/15/21

Jul 15, 2021

VMI is implementing changes to address racism at the school in Lexington, and we have an update…  The staffing shortages at some mental health hospitals are so bad that Virginia has suspended new admissions at five of them, including Western State in Staunton…  A new grant program for small businesses aims to help them stay open, and re-orient themselves coming out of the pandemic….

WMRA Daily 7/14/21

Jul 14, 2021

After skipping a big debate with his rival, GOP candidate for governor Glenn Youngkin also is getting noticed for his lack of concrete policy proposals…  Missing one of its members who abruptly resigned, Virginia’s Redistricting Commission meets voters in Farmville…  Our latest StoryCorps conversation focuses on the formation of a group called the Children of Shenandoah – those who were forced off the land when the national park was constructed….

As part of WMRA’s partnership with StoryCorps in the Shenandoah Valley and Central Virginia, we’re sharing a conversation between Lisa Custalow and Bill Henry about the formation of the Children of Shenandoah.

WMRA Daily 7/13/21

Jul 13, 2021

Two more statues in Charlottesville have been removed

Policies protecting the rights of transgender students are headed to the courts

And a group of academics and business leaders is examining the rural/urban divide - and what to learn from it

WMRA Daily 7/12/21

Jul 12, 2021

The city of Charlottesville removed two confederate statues on Saturday....The US Environmental Protection Agency has recomended against approving vital portions of the Mountain Valley Pipeline...New unemployment claims in Virginia were slightly down.

WMRA Daily 7/9/21

Jul 9, 2021

A second child under the age of 10 has died of complications from COVID-19 in Virginia…  GOP governor candidate Glenn Youngkin gets tripped up in the politics of abortion…  24 states, including Virginia, reach a settlement with the makers of Oxycontin….

WMRA Daily 7/8/21

Jul 8, 2021

A statue of segregationist Harry Byrd Senior in the state capital is now in storage…  A former NFL player sues Liberty University over his firing, alleging racial discrimination…  Good news if you’re a state employee – Virginia’s pension fund is at a record high….

WMRA Daily 7/7/21

Jul 7, 2021

A member of Virginia’s new redistricting commission has upset the apple cart by resigning…  Another statue in Richmond comes down today, this one a monument to the architect of Virginia’s racist ‘massive resistance’ to desegregation…  In another local StoryCorps conversation, a couple reflects on the pandemic, and how tough times 40 years ago brought them together….

As part of WMRA’s partnership with StoryCorps in the Shenandoah Valley and Central Virginia, we’re sharing a conversation today between Mark and Cynthia Lorenzoni who own the Ragged Mountain Running and Walking Shop in Charlottesville. 

WMRA Daily 7/6/21

Jul 6, 2021

Charlottesville’s statue of ‘Stonewall’ Jackson is again splattered with paint, even as the city moves to get rid of it, and the statue of Robert E. Lee…  About 6 in 10 Virginians are fully vaccinated for COVID-19, and more than 7 in 10 have received at least one shot…  After months of meeting virtually, Virginia’s redistricting commission will meet in person for the first time….

WMRA Daily 7/5/21

Jul 5, 2021

An Augusta County deputy will not face charges after shooting a man to death in Grottoes in May…  New state police data reveal sharp inequities in the racial makeup of drivers who are stopped by police…  President Biden nominates a UVa law professor, Virginia’s top trial lawyer, to the federal bench….

Randi B. Hagi

If you live in the Shenandoah Valley and you enjoy fresh veggies, there’s a good chance that the tomatoes, green onions or squash on your plate came through the Shenandoah Valley Produce Auction.  WMRA's Randi B. Hagi reports.