WMRA Daily 3/20/19

17 hours ago

Waynesboro cuts public school funding and eliminates teacher positions – there are fewer dollars, and fewer students there… Elkton joins other towns by scrapping its curbside recycling…  As Governor Northam vetoes another anti-sanctuary cities bill, we explore how immigration in Virginia divides the political parties….

Anna Saunders

The latest forum in the “Democracy in Peril?” series at James Madison University focused on President Trump and the ways he has changed the role of the presidency. WMRA’s Anna Saunders reports.

WMRA Daily 3/19/19

Mar 19, 2019

5th District Representative Denver Riggleman visits the UVa medical center for some fact-finding, as local police departments reevaluate how to protect officers from accidental exposure to fentanyl…  In a visit to JMU, historian Robert Dallek says Donald Trump has damaged the presidency….

WMRA Daily 3/18/19

Mar 18, 2019

Republican Corey Stewart will lead a new super PAC to support President Trump's re-election…  Anyone who needs a mental health evaluation can now walk into any of Virginia’s community services boards and get one right away…  A new exhibit highlights the stories of the Virginians who came here from another country….

Calvin Pynn

Since reporter and JMU alumna Alison Parker was fatally shot in 2015, her father, Andy Parker, has fought to reform gun laws.  He wrote a book that details that fight. Parker shared his story with JMU students Thursday night.  WMRA’s Calvin Pynn has the story.

Former Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling

A new state law inspired by James Madison University’s controversial hiring of former Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling will take effect July 1st.  But it’s not clear whether the law will affect that hire.  WMRA’s Andrew Jenner reports.  [WMRA's operating license is held by JMU's board of visitors.]

WMRA Daily 3/15/19

Mar 15, 2019

JMU says senior fellow and former Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling isn’t going anywhere, despite a new law that prohibits similar university hirings… Andy Parker brings the story of his slain daughter Alison, and his fight for gun reforms, back to JMU… After a year of record precipitation, the soil is too wet for many of Virginia’s farmers to plow….

WMRA Daily 3/14/19

Mar 14, 2019

Governor Ralph Northam signs into law an ethics bill prompted by JMU’s controversial hiring of former Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling…  The father of slain TV reporter Alison Parker will speak at James Madison University about his campaign for gun reform…  Albemarle County Public Schools sends a student home for wearing a hat bearing a Confederate symbol….

WMRA Daily 3/13/19

Mar 13, 2019

One Virginia author says the college admissions bribery scandal reveals a widespread practice that may have even involved at least one university in Virginia…  Governor Northam vetoes a bill that would have made it easier for nonresidents to carry a concealed handgun… The North Carolina fire chief who died after a skiing accident at Wintergreen is returned home, as 5th District Congressman Denver Riggleman seeks ways to increase emergency access to the mountain….

WMRA Daily 3/12/19

Mar 12, 2019

An inmate in an Augusta County jail hangs himself to death, and the sheriff’s office says it is investigating… UVa is part of a university collaboration putting three small satellites into space next month…  We learn how to write comedy from novelist and JMU creative writing professor Inman Majors….

For Virginia author and JMU professor Inman Majors, comedy is one way he deals with the serious world around him.  The New York Post calls his latest novel, Penelope Lemon; Game On! “hilarious” and Booklist says it’s a “laugh out loud” read. 

WMRA Daily 3/11/19

Mar 11, 2019

Will other universities in Virginia follow UVa’s lead in paying a living wage?  Former Governor Bob McDonnell says current Governor Ralph Northam’s blackface scandal provides a historic opportunity to talk about racial reconciliation…  We hear about two freshmen lawmakers from Virginia from different parties, working together to take on financial crimes….

WMRA Daily 3/8/19

Mar 8, 2019

UVa says it will pay full-time workers a living wage beginning next year, but for now contract workers are left out… Virginia’s Democrats in Congress hope to re-write campaign finance rules… Meanwhile, Virginia’s solar industry is booming….

WMRA Daily 3/7/19

Mar 7, 2019

An eastern Virginia Democratic Congressman is pushing to raise the federal minimum wage, but western Virginia Republican Congressman Ben Cline is against it… An intern for a Valley Republican Delegate apologizes for spying on the ERA campaign… A new report looks at the danger of industrial contaminants to communities, from Covington to Hampton Roads, when the James River floods....

WMRA Daily 3/6/19

Mar 6, 2019

Republican Delegate Steve Landes is retiring from the House, after serving for more than two decades, leaving his seat open in an election year…  The U-S Senate has confirmed the youngest federal judge in the country to Richmond’s high-profile U-S Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals…  Is Virginia’s Medicaid expansion part of the answer to the opioid crisis?

WMRA Daily 3/5/19

Mar 5, 2019

Police and activists are still searching for “Red Beard” and “Sunglasses,” the names given to two men who are still wanted in the beating of DeAndre Harris in Charlottesville in 2017… Meanwhile, sentencing has been delayed for James Alex Fields, Jr., the man who killed Heather Heyer on that same August day… Could this be state Republicans’ FINAL year in the majority in Richmond?

WMRA Daily 3/4/19

Mar 4, 2019

Culpeper County could be the next site for a big solar farm… We tour a company in Waynesboro offering a pro-biotic alternative to all those breweries and wineries out there… For the first time, the Remote Area Medical Clinic comes to Rockingham County, providing free care to hundreds of patients….

Christopher Clymer Kurtz

For the first time in Harrisonburg, the nonprofit Remote Area Medical clinic offered anyone who needed it free dental, vision and medical care. 

WMRA Daily 3/1/19

Mar 1, 2019

The Robert E. Lee High School Rebels will soon be known as the Staunton High School Storm… Unite the Right rally organizer Jason Kessler drops his lawsuit against Charlottesville and other officials… We hear from African-American leaders on the Eastern Shore – that’s where Governor Northam is from – about his blackface scandal, and where we go from here….

WMRA Daily 2/28/19

Feb 28, 2019

The trash truck driver who derailed an Amtrak train in Crozet last year, killing one person, is not guilty according to a jury… Public school kids in Virginia may soon be able to get cannabis treatment at school, if the governor signs a new bill… Despite a big incentive from the state NOT to raise tuition, UVa is hiking its rates anyway – we’ll have details….

WMRA Daily 2/27/19

Feb 27, 2019

Dominion says it will appeal a federal court ruling against the Atlantic Coast Pipeline to the U.S. Supreme Court… Someday soon, state law may allow out-of-state doctors to use an app to write your prescription… JMU students find out what athletes with physical disabilities can teach them about human movement….

Randi B. Hagi

Last week, kinesiology students at JMU attended workshops led by U.S. Paralympians and local wheelchair basketball players.  The students' task:  to learn how their studies in human movement intersect with the lives of those living with physical disabilities.  WMRA’s Randi Hagi reports.

WMRA and James Madison University present The John Grisham Writers Hour with special guest James McBride, a New York Times best-selling writer, musician and screenwriter.  Grisham, who has 40 novels under his belt, sat down with McBride in December 2018 on the campus of JMU for a candid discussion about writing, books, movies, and life. 

WMRA Daily 2/26/19

Feb 26, 2019

A federal court again slaps down a permit for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline… One poll predicts that an independent candidate for president will help President Trump – a LOT… Can a new dorm at JMU named after one of Madison’s slaves co-exist with other dorms named after Confederates?

Bridget Manley

But can the new residence hall coexist with other buildings on campus named after Confederate soldiers?  WMRA’s Bridget Manley reports.

General Assembly Roundup

Feb 25, 2019

This year’s General Assembly adjourned Sunday.  Our partner station WCVE in Richmond has been covering the session.  In this roundtable discussion with reporters, WCVE's Craig Carper reviews what lawmakers accomplished, and what they failed to achieve.

WMRA Daily 2/25/19

Feb 25, 2019

As this year’s General Assembly adjourns, we’ll take a look back at what legislators accomplished this year… Meanwhile, longtime Charlottesville representative David Toscano says he’s leaving public office… And, Lieutenant Governor Fairfax surprises many lawmakers by comparing himself to lynching victims….

WMRA Daily 2/22/19

Feb 22, 2019

Democrats and Republicans in the General Assembly blame each other for the failure to start hearings over assault allegations against Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax…  A last ditch effort to pass the Equal Rights Amendment in this session fails…  Meanwhile, lawmakers are working to help reduce the number of African-American women who die in childbirth….

WMRA Daily 2/21/19

Feb 21, 2019

Governor Northam is skipping what was to be the first stop on his racial reconciliation tour…  Meanwhile, the public has softened on whether Northam should resign over the blackface scandal, but his approval has dropped below that of President Trump…  What comes next for sexual assault allegations against Lieutenant Governor Fairfax?

Andrew Jenner

Among the many flashpoints in the fight over Dominion’s Atlantic Coast Pipeline is a proposed compressor station in Union Hill, a predominantly black community in Buckingham County founded by freed slaves.