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Second Look compiles the week's stories from the WMRA newsroom into one news magazine.

On this week's Second Look, WMRA's Andrew Jenner has the latest on efforts to make hemp, and money off hemp production and sale, a reality... Christopher Clymer Kurtz, who began our coverage of hemp last year, has a look at local participants in this weekend's National Solar Tour... and Marguerite Gallorini has the details on the "Farm to School" week in Charlottesville city schools...

On this week's Second Look, even though the whole thing is not officially affiliated with the world of Harry Potter out of deference to Warner Brothers, at the  Queen City Mischief & Magic Festival in Staunton, people still play a game suspiciously like Quidditch, and there’s surely a Hagrid or two walking around as well.  WMRA’s Jessie Knadler has the story of how the festival came about.  Also, researchers at UVA say they may have found a cure for macular degeneration, and Marguerite Gallorini has that report.

On this week's Second Look, WMRA’s Christopher Clymer Kurtz has the latest on projects aimed at dealing with decades of mercury contamination in Waynesboro, and we also take a look back at how the mercury got there in the first place.

On this week's Second Look, WMRA's Andrew Jenner learns how civil rights activist Dr. Gerald Durley became a climate activist... our Program Director Chris Boros gets the skinny on the story of a honky-tonk near Winchester and a country music legend (September's Books & Brews!)... a Virginia Public Radio story about the enslaved woman near Richmond who, with her children, fled to freedom 155 years ago... and, did you really heed all the recommendations to prepare for Hurricane Florence?  Plus, Virginia politics!

On this week's Second Look, WMRA's Jessie Knadler traces the links between the Allegheny Mountain Institute, a one-acre hospital farm, and a food 'farmacy' in Fishersville... Christopher Clymer Kurtz tracks the new weapons in the fight against a scourge among Virginia's black bears -- mange... also, Harrisonburg poverty, looking back at the Kerner Commission, Arthur Ashe 50 years later, and Virginia politics!

On this week's Second Look... they call themselves the Threshold Singers, and there are groups of them all over the world – including in Harrisonburg.  WMRA’s Christopher Clymer Kurtz has the story.  We also recognize and honor the first African born in what would become the United States, and the recent ceremony Governor Northam attended in Hampton.  Also, fewer boys are playing high school football – does that pose a threat to the game itself?  Plus, the week in Virginia politics!

On this week's Second Look, WMRA's Jessie Knadler has the latest on the controversy in Rockbridge County over the local department of social services... Virginia Public Radio provides an update on the pipelines... We review our reporting of prisons, imprisonment and race, during a week when activists are calling for a national prison strike... Plus, a Virginia politics review.

On this week's Second Look, WMRA's Andrew Jenner returns with the story of the Great Grandparent Invasion (sort of)... We also review last weekend's anniversary in Charlottesville... We discover the link between your sense of smell and dementia... Meanwhile, could the deal that Virginia lawmakers brokered to expand Medicaid in Virginia be vulnerable?... And, we review the week in Virginia politics.

On this week's Second Look, WMRA's Emily Richardson-Lorente pays a visit with Charlottesville residents as they plan for the first anniversary of a violent white supremacist rally, and we check in with some of the victims of the car terror attack on August 12 that killed Heather Heyer.... Jordy Yager's coverage of a violent summer there won the Virginia Association of Broadcasters first-place award for Outstanding News Series in 2017, and Jessie Knadler won first place for Best Human Interest Series for her two profiles in our Women of Interest series.  We'll hear them again.

On this week's Second Look, WMRA's Christopher Clymer Kurtz reports on a camp for kids who have a parent with cancer... Jordy Yager surveys the mission of M-Cubed... and we replay last year's profile of Harrisonburg Mayor Deanna Reed... Virginia Public Radio has a review of Beth Macy's new book, "Dopesick"... and we go hiking with some young Nature Conservancy recruits.

On this weekend's Second Look, WMRA's Jessie Knadler reports on the campaign to change the name of Staunton's Robert E. Lee High School, back to the original Staunton High... Christopher Clymer Kurtz has an update on the situation with the Shenandoah Valley Juvenile Center, and reaction from Senator Mark Warner... and, we go camping in Bath County -- right in the path of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.

On this week's Second Look, WMRA's Emily Richardson-Lorente reports on how UVa's medical system has become a kind of oasis for transgender people seeking safe, welcoming health care... Calvin Pynn reports from a protest at an ICE office in our area... and, Virginia Public Radio explores an area in Bath County that the Nature Conservancy hopes will become friendlier to songbirds... VPR also has the story of the push for environmental justice in the opposition to the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.

On this week's Second Look, WMRA's Bonnie Barrineau explores the history of the private endowment that launched Winchester's public school system -- but given Virginia's history of racially segregated schools... it's complicated.  Jessie Knadler previews the big annual music festivals setting up again this summer.  Bob Leweke gets insight from JMU's Bob Roberts on this week's Virginia primaries.  And, analyst Jeff Shapiro weighs in, too!

On this week's Second Look, WMRA's Christopher Clymer Kurtz reports on a coalition of religious groups in the Valley pushing to reduce various fees, sometimes called "keep fees," that they say are a burden to the families of those in local jails... Jordy Yager went to Ghana with a group from Charlottesville in May, and came back with lessons for our own history of enslaving people... Jessie Knadler surveys the field of candidates vying to replace Bob Goodlatte... And, we review a big week in Virginia politics.

On this week's Second Look, Jessie Knadler checks out the "best little general store in Middlebrook," Christopher Clymer Kurtz explores the role of service dogs, and with Memorial Day approaching, Scott Lowe rides along the highway with Virginia's Safety Service Patrol... and, we dip our toes into Virginia's political week.

On this week's Second Look, WMRA's Jordy Yager rides along with postal workers, fighting hunger in their communities one neighborhood at a time... Emily Richardson-Lorente surveys HPV vaccinations in Virginia, and the consequences of not getting the vaccine... We also survey Virginia politics for the week.

On this week's Second Look, WMRA's Jessie Knadler finds a cruise line that caters to families who have kids with autism, and Jordy Yager takes a look at everyday life for such families who lack resources.  Those are the final two installments of our series on autism.  Also, Christopher Clymer Kurtz digs into the garden with Harrisonburg school kids, and visits a non-profit clinic hoping to do even more for expectant mothers.

On this week's Second Look, WMRA's Jordy Yager adds the next installment of our series on autism, with a look at how first responders -- cops, firefighters, rescue workers -- train to deal with people with the spectrum disorder.  Also, Jessie Knadler tells the story of the Shark Tank -style competition in Lexington for local entrepreneurs....

On this week's Second Look, WMRA's Jessie Knadler brings us two animal-related stories: the third in our series on autism, with a look at animal therapies... and, goat yoga.  'Nuff said.  Christopher Clymer Kurtz also gets in on the animal act with his deep report on reactions to Harrisonburg's decision to reject Anicira's bid to take over shelter services from SPCA.

On this week's Second Look, WMRA's Christopher Clymer Kurtz takes a look at how thousands of students with autism are being served in Virginia’s public schools.  It's the second installment in that series.  He also spoke with one of the activists who was among the nine arrested for trespassing at the Cargill plant in Dayton on Wednesday.  On Thursday, CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta spoke to a packed house at the Forbes Center, and Calvin Pynn was there.  And Jordy Yager checks in on a Spring break camp for girls in Charlottesville.  Plus, Virginia politics!

On this week's Second Look, Bob Leweke interviews award-winning author and journalist Sam Quinones about what he learned traveling the country in his investigation of the origins of the opioid crisis... Marguerite Gallorini has profiles of the candidates in the fifth district, where four Democrats are vying for the opportunity to unseat incumbent Republican Tom Garrett.  Meanwhile, one Virginia inmate is suing the state over prison food.  We also have our weekly look at Virginia politics.

On this week's Second Look, we've got team coverage of the March 14 student walkouts protesting gun violence, at Rockbridge and Broadway High Schools, the University of Virginia, and even a private grade school in Harrisonburg – those reports from WMRA's Christopher Clymer Kurtz, Jessie Knadler, and Emily Richardson-Lorente.

On this week's Second Look, WMRA’s Christopher Clymer Kurtz pulls together some guidelines on how you can help when you see a panhandler (besides handing over cash)...  Peter Jump reports on the CVille Biohub, a Charlottesville group organized to promote biotechnology companies, and how UVa is involved.  And, as the regular session of the General Assembly ends, time to look at the unresolved issues they’ve left on the table, with political analyst Jeff Shapiro.

On this week's Second Look, WMRA's Jordy Yager has a report on the first affordable housing summit in Charlottesville... Marguerite Gallorini talks with one of the co-authors of a big new nationwide study into the effects of winter de-icing for freshwater life, and even our drinking water.  She also browsed the exhibits at the "Memories Matter" fair, a gathering of personal African-American artifacts in Charlottesville.  And, we step back for a look at Virginia politics!

On this week's Second Look, WMRA's Christopher Clymer Kurtz brings us the story of employees at Cargill who accuse the Dayton plant of punishing them for trying to organize... and Christopher also brought us, frankly, a story we really needed to hear this week – a profile of a World War Two veteran pilot who now, in his 90s, helps save lives by flying medical patients for treatment.

Women of Interest

Feb 11, 2018

On this week's Second Look, we revisit some of the Women of Interest we profiled last summer, including Harrisonburg’s mayor, a pioneering pastor in Charlottesville, a Valley midwife who means business, and an 82-year-old bookkeeper in Verona with more stamina than the Energizer Bunny.

On this week's Second Look, WMRA's Jordy Yager has the latest on the Police Civilian Review Board about to be born in Charlottesville, after months of political wrangling.  He also heard reflections from Pete Souza on photographing President Barack Obama during his two terms in office.  Christopher Clymer Kurtz reports on the work being done by some local churches to provide cheese to local food banks, while helping struggling dairy farmers.  They call it the Cheese Ministry.  We also review the week in the General Assembly.

On this week's Second Look, officials say you may indeed be seeing more panhandlers in your area – a function of homelessness, hunger, social isolation, mental health and civil rights… and cities are limited in restricting their activity.  WMRA’s Christopher Clymer Kurtz has the story.  Also, Marguerite Gallorini visited Charlottesville’s sister city and its 17th century citadel in France over the holidays, and we’ll hear what she found.  We also survey a busy week in Virginia politics.

The Best of 2017

Jan 6, 2018

On this week's Second Look, we enjoy the most popular WMRA stories from 2017, with reporters Marguerite Gallorini, Emily Richardson-Lorente and Jessie Knadler.

On this week’s Second Look, WMRA’s Jessie Knadler has a detailed report on a lawsuit alleging inhumane conditions for dozens of unaccompanied immigrant children being detained at a facility near Staunton.  Also, Marguerite Gallorini sat in on an Affordable Housing 101 forum in Charlottesville, and she also explores how police officers there are getting some housing help, so they can actually afford to live in the city.  Also, we review the week in Virginia politics.