Workers with Disabilities Benefit From Low Jobless Rate

Jul 12, 2019

Sarah Layman, 27, of Waynesboro, places toppings on a pizza before putting in the oven at the Domino's location in Waynesboro.
Credit Ian Munro, Daily News Record

Ian Munro is a business reporter for the Daily News Record in Harrisonburg.  When he discovered that the umemployment rate for workers with physical, mental or emotional disabilities is now at a historically low level, he knew there was a story to tell.

That turned into a series of reports, including profiles of workers with various challenges, from intellectual disabilities, to Down Syndrome, to dissociative disorders or PTSD.  Ian recently spoke with WMRA's Bob Leweke about the series.  Bob began by asking Ian what kind of resources are available for workers with disabilities to get training, and support on the job.

Ian Munro is a business reporter for the Daily News Record in Harrisonburg.
Credit Daily News Record

After five free reads, the Daily News Record requires a subscription to access online content, but you can read Ian Munro's five-part series for free:

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