UVa Students Participate in National Walkout

Mar 15, 2018

Yesterday, students at UVa participated in the nationwide walkout to honor the victims of the Parkland school shooting and propose gun control measures. WMRA's Emily Richardson-Lorente was there.

It’s about 35 degrees here, and windy. But nearly 1,000 people have come to participate in this rally on the lawn at UVA. Sarah Kenny is student council president, and helped organize this event.

SARAH KENNY: This is our future, this is our country, and we can either be complacent or give it our best shot at making a difference.

The official walkout was scheduled for 17 minutes. Enough time for the student council members lining the Rotunda steps to recite the names of all 17 victims.

CROWD: Gina Montalto

And to outline a handful of gun reform proposals in a sort of call and response with the crowd.

CROWD: Enough is enough

Of course, no one here really expects this event to lead to a change in the law.

MAURICE WALKER: No, no, no, but it can plant a seed.

Maurice Walker took time out of work to be here. He says this isn’t just a feel-good event; it may be inspiring someone in the crowd.

MAURICE WALKER: You know, the folks who could become a congressman or could become a state delegate and decide hey, we want to change laws. You just don't know.

One thing we do know: an event that appears to promote any type of gun control is contentious in this country. The Student Council actually got some pushback for planning it. To that, Sarah Kenny says …

SARAH KENNY: Although this issue is contentious right now, I believe that we are on the right side of history.