The Rocky Horror Show (sans 'Picture')

Sep 8, 2017

Fans of the Rocky Horror Picture Show can see a revival of the original stage show in Staunton this weekend.  WMRA’s Calvin Pynn reports.

Fans of The Rocky Horror Picture Show are generally more familiar with the 1975 cult film than the original play that inspired it.

To please the fans who have experienced the midnight screenings and stay faithful to the original production, they decided to marry elements of the film and stage. Jacquie Patteson directed the musical, which will debut tonight in Staunton.

PATTESON: We’re incorporating the film culture, what was the result of the film. Because as we know, that film was probably not the best film ever created. So that’s why people started making up lines and screaming them at the screen.

That tradition is almost as old as the film itself. The production team saw this as an opportunity to eliminate the fourth wall and incorporate the audience into the show

Prop bags filled with items to throw will be provided per tradition, along with the often risqué callbacks. Hardcore Rocky Horror fans know them by heart, but for those who are less familiar, the lines will be projected on a screen above the stage.

Schott (as Brad): “Didn’t we pass a castle back a few miles down the road? Maybe they have a telephone I could use.”

Black (as Janet): “I’m coming with you!”

Cast callback: “That’s a first!”

“The Rocky Horror Show” will be showing at the ShenanArts nTelos Theatre at Gypsy Hill Place this weekend through Sunday, Sept. 17. Tickets and more information can be found at 

[Cast singing “The Time Warp”]

For WMRA News, I’m Calvin Pynn.