Rep. Cline Gets Mixed Reception in Harrisonburg

Jan 7, 2020

Sixth District Republican Representative Ben Cline spoke to around 50 constituents at a town hall meeting in Harrisonburg on Monday night.

Representative Ben Cline continued a series of town hall meetings across Virginia’s sixth district with a stop in Harrisonburg Monday night.  WMRA’s Calvin Pynn reports.

Ben Cline spoke with more than 50 voters from Harrisonburg and Rockingham County last night at the city’s American Legion post as one of the first meetings in the district for 2020. As the year has started with a hectic news cycle, Cline spoke with a mostly skeptical audience, and the meeting – at times – got heated.

Early in the meeting, Cline’s answer to a question about climate change was met with objection. 

BEN CLINE: The evidence is showing that humans can contribute to that change. Then there’s the question of how much it is contributing to that change, and I believe that there’s still a lot of debate about how much.

(Sound of crowd getting restless)

Various audience members: No, no, no, there’s not!

CLINE: Maybe we should review the rules.

Questions and concerns from the audience ranged from the impeachment hearings, to equal pay for people with disabilities, to potential gun control legislation in Virginia. The greatest concern, however, was about the drone strike this past weekend that killed Iranian General Qasem Soleimani, and the possibility of war with Iran, which Cline said he would support if necessary.

CLINE: Iran has a choice, and if they want to continue the path they’re on, we will respond. But we will do it in compliance with international law.