Regal Cinema Reopens In Harrisonburg

May 24, 2021

Credit Randi B. Hagi

In yet another sign that the pandemic's grip on our lives is loosening, Regal Cinemas in Harrisonburg reopened on Friday. WMRA's Randi B. Hagi reports.

Walter Douglas
Credit Randi B. Hagi

Walter Douglas was visiting from Maryland for a bowling tournament, but made time to come see The Wrath of Man.

WALTER DOUGLAS: I just like movies and, you know, I've seen some of the others already … and the Fast Five is coming out today and I'm going to go see that tomorrow!

One of his local theaters back home has already reopened.

DOUGLAS: Just in the last month they started to relax, and it's been great.

Maria Bowen and Luke Campbell
Credit Randi B. Hagi

REPORTER: How many have you been to in this last month?

DOUGLAS: In the last month I've been to three!

For local residents, the theater's reopening is especially exciting. As The Harrisonburg Citizen reported last October, the cinema was slated for redevelopment after Regal defaulted on its lease. But then in February, the property owners announced that Regal had started paying rent again, and would reopen this spring.

Maria Bowen and Luke Campbell caught Scoob! on Friday.

MARIA BOWEN: It was pretty cute.

LUKE CAMPBELL: Yeah, it was fun.

Marilyn Coker
Credit Randi B. Hagi

Marilyn Coker has been waiting on this day with bated breath. She came to see Dream Horse.

MARILYN COKER: I have been an avid movie fan for years and I hated it when it shut down, and I've been watching. Every week I go and look at it, and I saw the previews, and I love horses.

She plans to be back soon – Coker retired to Harrisonburg from Disneyworld, and never misses a new Disney release.

COKER: Please come to the movies. We want it to keep going. It's a great deal, that $21 a month – as long as it stays open!