Reclaiming the Night Sky.... Tech "Meetups".... Fracking Denied

Mar 27, 2015

WMRA's Matt Bingay sat down with JMU professor Paul Bogard earlier this week to talk about our modern day problems with light pollution and the solutions our communities might embrace....

Here on Earth, there's a relatively new way for people to meet face-to-face, and these Meetups are fostered online and are beginning to crop up all over Central and Western Virginia.  WMRA’s Kara Lofton got the story.... And we learned this week that five years after a Texas company applied for permission to drill an exploratory well in Rockingham County, local leaders have finally issued a decision - no.  WMRA's Andrew Jenner has the story.... And in The Spark, Martha Woodroof has a conversation with freelance, commercial photographer Ron Rammelkamp.