Freshman Congressman Returns To Rockingham County

Jun 18, 2019

Freshman Republican Congressman Ben Cline is continuing to make his way around the sixth district holding town hall meetings.

He returned to Rockingham County Monday evening to speak to residents at the Linville-Edom Ruritan Club. WMRA’s Calvin Pynn reports.

Ben Cline talks with constituents at The Linville-Edom Ruritan Club.
Credit Calvin Pynn

As Cline started off discussing issues affecting the 6th District, he also pointed out issues he noticed in his first several months on the U.S. House of Representatives through the lens of his eight terms with the Virginia House of Delegates.

Cline: The interesting thing about it is - 3,000 bills in six weeks they all got a hearing. In Washington, one percent of the bills get a hearing and those are the ones picked by whoever is in charge.

Cline answered questions from an audience of nearly 50 Rockingham County residents, responding to concerns ranging from climate change to healthcare reform to immigration. When asked what he would do if offered information from a foreign operative, his answer contrasted President Donald Trump’s recent response to a similar question.

Cline: I would call the FBI.

Afterward, Cline commented on Monday’s Supreme Court ruling that dismissed a challenge against a change to Virginia’s legislative districts, saying that he hopes voters will help retain the Virginia House and Senate’s Republican majority.

Cline: From what I can tell the current lines are lines that are gonna be existing on Election Day, and it’s gonna be up to voters to determine which direction we go. 

For WMRA News, I’m Calvin Pynn.