Fresh Air Weekend: Jordan Peele; Francis Ford Coppola

Jan 4, 2020

Fresh Air Weekend highlights some of the best interviews and reviews from past weeks, and new program elements specially paced for weekends. Our weekend show emphasizes interviews with writers, filmmakers, actors and musicians, and often includes excerpts from live in-studio concerts. This week we continue with our Best of the Decades series:

'Fresh Air' Favorites: Jordan Peele: Peele talked about his Oscar-winning social thriller Get Out in this 2017 interview.

'Fresh Air' Favorites: Francis Ford Coppola: In 2016, the Oscar-winning director spoke about the studio battles he faced while filming The Godfather.

You can listen to the original interviews and review here:

'Get Out' Sprang From An Effort To Master Fear, Says Director Jordan Peele

To Make 'The Godfather' His Way, Francis Ford Coppola Waged A Studio Battle

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