Farmers for America

Jun 27, 2018

Joe Salatin (left), Graham Meriweather, and Daniel Salatin discuss Farmers For America following the screening.
Credit Calvin Pynn

“Farmers For America,” a documentary focusing on farmers across the country, screened Tuesday night [June 26] at Court Square Theater in Harrisonburg, and featured a couple of well-known growers in the Shenandoah Valley. WMRA’s Calvin Pynn was there.

There were only several farmers in the crowd of nearly 100 that showed up to watch Farmers For America at Court Square Tuesday night, but the film’s director Graham Meriweather made sure they wouldn’t go unrecognized.

GRAHAM MERIWEATHER: If we could get started by having the farmers stand up in the audience.

(Sound of applause)

The documentary profiles different farmers across the United States, including Joel and Daniel Salatin, who run Polyface Farms in Swoope, Virginia. Their apprentice program for prospective farmers was highlighted among other advances that younger farmers are incorporating for the future of American agriculture.

An overwhelming number of aging farmers, as well as increased use of imported food, were explored as challenges facing farming in the United States. In a discussion following the screening, Joel Salatin encouraged people to seek food from nearby farmers as an alternative to more common corporate options.

JOEL SALATIN:  The farther you get away from the supermarket, the better off you’ll be, whether it’s from the food co-op, or farmers market, coming directly to the farm, community supported agriculture.

Farmers For America is being screened in several different cities, with the next screening set for tonight at the Visulite Cinema in Staunton.