Bob Leweke

News Director / Morning Edition Host

Bob Leweke is WMRA's News Director and Morning Edition host.

Before coming to public radio in 2003, Bob had worked for The Roanoke Times as a circulation manager and writer.  He later became a member of the communication faculty at Pikeville College in Kentucky, and at Bridgewater College in Virginia, where he taught public speaking, mass media law, communication theory and other courses.  Bob holds degrees in communication and political science from Virginia Tech, and a doctorate in mass communication from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  In 2015 and 2016, the readers of the Daily News-Record voted him “Best Radio Personality.”

In his hours away from WMRA, Bob enjoys music, cycling, reading and movie-watching, and spending time with his family doing all of the above.  He also plays the drums for The Sustainers, a Harrisonburg "rock & soul" cover band.  You can follow him on Twitter @WMRAnews.

WMRA Daily 1/13/20

Jan 13, 2020

State police say a bicyclist was killed by a hit-and-run driver near Winchester…  Guns will no longer be allowed inside Virginia’s capitol…  LGBTQ advocates meet in Harrisonburg to discuss the prospects for new legal protections in Virginia, expecting a more friendly reception by the new General Assembly….

WMRA Daily 1/10/20

Jan 10, 2020

A leader of the violent Unite the Right rally is out of jail pending a trial…  Democrats say they will change state law to allow local governments, including Charlottesville, to remove Confederate monuments…  Meanwhile, Democrats in Richmond get busy on other measures, including the ERA, ending right-to-work, and gun control….

WMRA Daily 1/9/20

Jan 9, 2020

For the first time in decades, Democrats now hold unified control of state government…  We have reports on the governor’s State of the Commonwealth Address, Republican reaction, and why Wednesday was a historic day in Richmond…  Meanwhile, a Justice Department memo throws cold water on one Democratic priority -- getting the Equal Rights Amendment ratified….

Frigid temps and remaining ice have some school systems opening late today...

WMRA Daily 1/8/20

Jan 8, 2020

A federal court throws out a permit for the proposed compressor station in a historic African-American community in Buckingham County, crucial to building the Atlantic Coast Pipeline…  Senator Tim Kaine introduces a resolution in the Senate to refuse President Trump the power to declare war against Iran without congressional authorization…  We follow up on yesterday’s report on the ICE detention facility in Farmville, with a closer look at the FINANCES behind the facility….

WMRA Daily 1/7/20

Jan 7, 2020

Republican Representative Ben Cline gets a mixed reception at a town hall in Harrisonburg…  An organizer of the violent 2017 white supremacist rally in Charlottesville is in jail for failing to comply with court orders…  Governor Northam says election day should be a holiday, and Lee-Jackson Day should NOT….

WMRA Daily 1/6/20

Jan 6, 2020

Virginia Democratic Senator Tim Kaine pushes for a vote in Congress on a potential war with Iran…  At least two Democrats in the state legislature say they’ve received death threats due to their push for stricter gun laws…  As the General Assembly gets set to begin its 2020 session this week, transparency advocates want its procedures to be more open to the public….

WMRA Daily 12/20/19

Dec 20, 2019

Authorities have arrested two people for vandalizing a Confederate monument in Charlottesville…  Why does Virginia make it so hard, relatively speaking, for presidential candidates to get on the ballot?...  We have more on the Second Amendment Sanctuary movement, and one new gun control measure that may be considered in next year’s General Assembly has gotten the attention of a conspiracy theorist – we check his claims….

WMRA Daily 12/19/19

Dec 19, 2019

Virginia’s congressional delegation votes along party lines on impeachment…  A state government watchdog says employee satisfaction at the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries depends to a large degree on race and gender…  Abraham Lincoln’s father was born in the Shenandoah Valley, and now a local couple have bought the property with the aim of updating the historical record, and telling the story of the enslaved persons who lived there, too….

WMRA Daily 12/18/19

Dec 18, 2019

Governor Northam reveals his new budget, with a boost in taxes on cigarettes and gas, and more money for education, the environment and building roads and bridges…  Today’s impeachment vote in the House will break down along party lines among Virginia’s representatives…  Jens Soering is now back in Germany – paroled after more than three decades behind bars, and we have an exclusive interview with him from Virginia Public Radio….

WMRA Daily 12/17/19

Dec 17, 2019

An organizer of the violent 2017 white supremacist rally in Charlottesville faces jail time for failing to comply with court orders…  Governor Ralph Northam proposes more than a billion dollars in new K-12 spending…  More Virginians are getting health insurance through Medicaid, and the state actually spent LESS than expected on the program….

WMRA Daily 12/16/19

Dec 16, 2019

A bizarre, failed kidnapping plot involving a family in Dayton and a Florida man, and he faces a life sentence…  Affordable housing programs may get a boost in next year's state budget…  Virginia’s space port on Wallops Island has a new launch pad….

WMRA Daily 12/13/19

Dec 13, 2019

The man who killed Heather Heyer and injured dozens of others in Charlottesville will appeal his convictions…  An estimated 4000 community college students could get their tuitions fully covered under a plan from Governor Northam…  A regional network in our area wants to resurrect Virginia’s grain economy….

WMRA Daily 12/12/19

Dec 12, 2019

Rockingham and Fluvanna Counties join a long list of Virginia localities to declare themselves "Second Amendment Sanctuaries" – we have a report from the Rockingham County board meeting…  Governor Northam proposes more money for Chesapeake Bay cleanup…  Special interest groups are already pushing for more money from the next General Assembly session to repair Virginia’s crumbling schools…

WMRA Daily 12/11/19

Dec 11, 2019

One study finds that Virginians without dental plans are going to the emergency room for tooth aches and loose teeth…  Virginia’s Congressional delegation is taking a variety of approaches to climate change…  In Part 2 of a report, we find out why Virginia’s courts are short staffed and what lawmakers can do about it….

WMRA Daily 12/10/19

Dec 10, 2019

Gun supporters are active, as more than 200 activists wearing “Guns SAVE Lives” stickers rally in Richmond, Culpeper’s sheriff says he’ll deputize citizens to resist any new gun laws, and Rockingham County considers its own “2nd Amendment Sanctuary” resolution…  Governor Northam proposes millions to fight racial disparities in Virginia’s infant mortality rate…  District Courts around the state are woefully understaffed….

WMRA Daily 12/9/19

Dec 9, 2019

Governor Northam suspends a policy that allowed prison officials in Buckingham County to strip search an 8-year-old girl who was visiting her father…  UVA physicists are working on a big project that could rewrite the physics books…  This week, a statue mirroring and challenging Confederate monuments called “Rumors of War,” will be installed at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, and we have a preview….

WMRA Daily 12/6/19

Dec 6, 2019

A former third-grade teacher in Rockingham County will spend years in jail for possessing child pornography and illegally recording young girls…  The Virginia Clean Cities program at JMU has received federal money for cleaner UPS vehicles…  Governor Ralph Northam commits to repealing racist language in Virginia law…

WMRA Daily 12/5/19

Dec 5, 2019

After nearly 2,000 Augusta County residents pack a Board of Supervisors meeting, the board unanimously approves a Second Amendment Sanctuary resolution, joining more than 40 other localities in Virginia…  Governor Northam puts on hold a Medicaid work requirement…  Meanwhile, a new report says Virginians’ health is improving….

WMRA Daily 12/4/19

Dec 4, 2019

Dozens of rural communities in Virginia have now declared themselves 2nd Amendment Sanctuaries, and one Democrat wants the attorney general to declare whether those resolutions have any teeth…  A new state education report cites a persistent achievement gap for some students and a worsening shortage of high-quality teachers…  We meet one family of Salvadoran refugees in Harrisonburg, along with thousands of others, awaiting a court ruling that could force the parents back to El Salvador….

WMRA Daily 12/3/19

Dec 3, 2019

Delegate Nick Freitas is the latest Republican to challenge Democratic Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger…  The University of Virginia and William & Mary are the latest schools to announce plans to become carbon neutral…  A high school student from Staunton is one of just seven winners of a national musical theatre song-writing contest….

WMRA Daily 12/2/19

Dec 2, 2019

The Robert E. Lee statue in Charlottesville is vandalized yet again…  With Congress mired in impeachment, can anything get done in Washington?...  Ordering holiday packages online?  You might want to take extra steps to make sure they’re not stolen from your doorstep….

WMRA Daily 11/28/19

Nov 28, 2019

Those injured in the Unite the Right rally two years ago will get a chance to face in court the white supremacists who they say brought violence to Charlottesville…  Virginia Democrats say they will pass the ERA, but what happens after that?...  We take a look at Virginia’s historical claim to the Thanksgiving tradition….

WMRA Daily 11/27/19

Nov 27, 2019

Governor Northam says he will continue to push for gun control in the face of opposition from rural parts of Virginia…  A new partnership in Louisa County aims to tackle a shortage of childcare and teachers…  Virginia lawmakers in Congress say despite a sweeping new law addressing the opioid crisis, the crisis continues….

WMRA Daily 11/26/19

Nov 26, 2019

An organizer of the deadly white supremacist rally in Charlottesville in August 2017 is found in civil contempt of court…  Governor Northam tells business leaders that he doesn’t want to make any changes to Virginia’s right-to-work law…  A preschool food drive in Harrisonburg has a dual purpose -- helping migrant families, and teaching children how to help others….

WMRA Daily 11/25/19

Nov 25, 2019

The parents of a University of Virginia student who died after being released from North Korea say they are going after the country's illicit assets…  Augusta and Rockingham Counties will join a growing list of rural areas in Virginia to consider declaring themselves "Second Amendment Sanctuaries"…  The problems of hunger and food insecurity on campuses are getting worse, and local colleges and universities are responding….

WMRA Daily 11/22/19

Nov 22, 2019

Virginia regulators reject a request from Dominion Energy to increase its guaranteed profits…  State legislators meeting at JMU promise to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment…  Meanwhile, GOP leaders have abandoned efforts to pass gun violence legislation, so Democrats say they’ll take up the issue when they assume control in January….

WMRA Daily 11/21/19

Nov 21, 2019

A wildfire in a remote area near Woodstock continues to grow, but the Forest Service says it’s not threatening property...  In response to Democrats’ promise to pass gun control legislation, a few rural areas around Virginia are declaring themselves Second Amendment Sanctuaries…  Health officials say Virginia’s psychiatric hospitals are overloaded and need an infusion of money, but State Senator Creigh Deeds disagrees with that diagnosis….

WMRA Daily 11/20/19

Nov 20, 2019

Researchers at UVa say they have uncovered important clues to a genetic heart condition that causes sudden death…  Is another federal government shutdown looming, and how would it affect Virginia?...  Parents and school officials in Richmond are still wrestling with intense racial segregation….

WMRA Daily 11/19/19

Nov 19, 2019

A white man charged with making racist threats against a black activist in Charlottesville wants to delay his trial…  Virginia’s first hemp crop in 80 years has met with some unexpected consequences – the hemp harvest is getting stolen…  Valley Delegate Todd Gilbert is Republicans’ choice to lead them into their new minority status in the House….