Bob Leweke

News Director / Morning Edition Host

Bob Leweke is WMRA's News Director and Morning Edition host.

Before coming to public radio in 2003, Bob had worked for The Roanoke Times as a circulation manager and writer.  He later became a member of the communication faculty at Pikeville College in Kentucky, and at Bridgewater College in Virginia, where he taught public speaking, mass media law, communication theory and other courses.  Bob holds degrees in communication and political science from Virginia Tech, and a doctorate in mass communication from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  In 2015 and 2016, the readers of the Daily News-Record voted him “Best Radio Personality.”

In his hours away from WMRA, Bob enjoys music, cycling, reading and movie-watching, and spending time with his family doing all of the above.  He also plays the drums for The Sustainers, a Harrisonburg "rock & soul" cover band.  You can follow him on Twitter @WMRAnews.

WMRA Daily 7/17/19

Jul 17, 2019

Flyers touting ICE and law enforcement appear in Waynesboro, apparently distributed by the KKK…  Meanwhile, massive ICE raids touted by President Trump aren’t happening yet, but there HAS been an uptick in safety checkpoints…  We fact-check some claims made by Trump’s new immigration czar, former Virginia attorney general Ken Cuccinelli….

WMRA Daily 7/16/19

Jul 16, 2019

The neo-Nazi who killed Heather Heyer gets life plus 419 years in his state conviction…  Virginia’s rural population is declining, a trend expected to increase in coming years…  We meet some of the scientists at NASA’s Langley facility in Virginia who were part of the effort to put men on the moon for the first time, 50 years ago….

WMRA Daily 7/15/19

Jul 15, 2019

James Alex Fields will spend the rest of his life in prison from federal charges for killing Heather Heyer and injuring many others, but this week’s sentencing in state court will likely add to that time…  Harrisonburg police are searching for suspects after two people were shot near downtown Sunday evening…  It’s hurricane season – do you need flood insurance?

WMRA Daily 7/12/19

Jul 12, 2019

A VCU investigation finds that former Virginia Governor L. Douglas Wilder kissed a much younger university student without her consent, but cleared him on other allegations…  A UVa study finds that women are much more likely than men to be injured in frontal car crashes…  And, recent reporting by the Daily News Record profiles local workers with disabilities who are benefiting from a historically low unemployment rate – we talk with the reporter who wrote the series….

Ian Munro, Daily News Record

Ian Munro is a business reporter for the Daily News Record in Harrisonburg.  When he discovered that the umemployment rate for workers with physical, mental or emotional disabilities is now at a historically low level, he knew there was a story to tell.

WMRA Daily 7/11/19

Jul 11, 2019

A woman protesting the Atlantic Coast Pipeline by riding her horse along the route nears the end of her journey…  A lawyer for Justin Fairfax says an eyewitness can help clear the Lieutenant Governor of one of two accusations of sexual assault…  We talk with Trent Wagler of the Steel Wheels about what has become one of the most-anticipated annual summer music events in the area, the Red Wing Roots Music Festival….

Patrick Semansky/AP

(From Associated Press reports)  Less than two hours after beginning a special session called in response to a mass shooting, Virginia lawmakers abruptly adjourned Tuesday and postponed any movement on gun laws until after the November election.

WMRA Daily 7/10/19

Jul 10, 2019

Republicans in the General Assembly adjourn a brief special session without considering any new gun control legislation – they say a commission should be appointed instead, to study the problem…  A judge rules that Charlottesville city councilors are immune from a lawsuit over their vote in 2016 to remove Confederate statues…  Downtown business owners in Harrisonburg tell city council they are increasingly frustrated with panhandlers on their property….

WMRA Daily 7/5/19

Jul 5, 2019

An abducted Warren County toddler has been returned home unharmed…  Harrisonburg’s chief cop says homelessness is getting worse there…  Governor Northam gets a little more specific about the kind of gun control bills he’d like to see come out of next week’s special legislative session….

WMRA Daily 7/4/19

Jul 4, 2019

Police issue an Amber Alert for a two-year-old boy abducted in Warren County…  A Massachusetts man accused of fatally stabbing a hiker on the Appalachian Trial is not mentally fit to stand trial, according to the judge in the case…  With the General Assembly set to convene next week on gun control legislation, two new polls show most Virginians strongly back specific gun control policies….

WMRA Daily 7/3/19

Jul 3, 2019

After saying that a new ethics law wouldn’t affect the controversial hiring of former Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling, JMU says he’s left his job as of July 1st, just as the law takes effect…  Current Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax has resigned from the law firm where he was a partner, after accusations that he sexually assaulted two women…  The NRA holds a town hall meeting in Virginia Beach….

WMRA Daily 7/2/19

Jul 2, 2019

A preliminary police civilian review board in Charlottesville has finally set up its first bylaws, and now it’s up to city council…  Meanwhile, the city has dropped its holiday honoring Thomas Jefferson…  Governor Ralph Northam failed to get gun control measures through the regular General Assembly session, but in the upcoming special session, we’ll find out why he just might succeed….

WMRA Daily 7/1/19

Jul 1, 2019

A pipeline protester is charged for chaining himself to an excavator to protest the construction of the Mountain Valley Pipeline…  A host of new laws take effect today in Virginia…  As Virginia’s first medical pot facilities get set to open, advocates say there’s lots of confusion among people who might benefit from them….

WMRA Daily 6/28/19

Jun 28, 2019

A federal judge in Charlottesville decides whether Heather Heyer’s killer should get life in prison…  A Timberville police officer shoots a man to death who officers say attacked them with a sword…  We look at new treatments being developed by researchers at VCU to address opioid addiction….

WMRA Daily 6/27/19

Jun 27, 2019

Charlottesville law enforcement officials say they will not participate in any local ICE raids…  Landowners and a solar company are appealing a decision by Augusta County officials against a large solar facility…  Our All Things Considered host Kimberlea Daggy previews this summer’s Heifetz International Music Institute’s Summer Festival….

WMRA Daily 6/14/19

Jun 14, 2019

The former clerk of Charlottesville’s city council is indicted for embezzlement…  Lawyers for Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax ask prosecutors in three states to open a criminal investigation into sexual assault allegations against him…  The "Virginia Is For Lovers" slogan turns 50 this summer….

WMRA Daily 6/13/19

Jun 13, 2019

An outbreak of mumps at an immigration detention center in Farmville is growing…  An ammonia leak at a poultry plant in Dayton sends seven people to the hospital…  Orange County will soon be the site of a big new solar energy project….

WMRA Daily 6/12/19

Jun 12, 2019

Brent Finnegan and Emmett Hanger are big winners from yesterday’s primaries – we have a look at some of the highlights…  Senator Tim Kaine urges Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to hold votes on what Kaine calls common sense gun safety reforms…  And, Senator Kaine says vaping by young people is so widespread that it’s wiped out the gains in cutting smoking – we do some fact-checking of that claim….

WMRA Daily 6/11/19

Jun 11, 2019

Today is primary election day in Virginia, at least in some districts… The plaintiffs suing the City of Charlottesville over Confederate monuments want to move the proceedings, citing potential jury bias in Charlottesville… A JMU program aims to boost the number of college grads by working with first-generation college students -- starting in middle school….

WMRA Daily 6/10/19

Jun 10, 2019

Virginia’s primary elections in some General Assembly districts are Tuesday, but many voters will have to wait until the general election to actually make a choice… Governor Ralph Northam announced last week that the special legislative session on gun control will begin Tuesday, July 9th… Meanwhile, the governor continues to bring attention to the issue of gun violence, attending the funeral service of a young girl shot and killed in Richmond….

Virginia held primary elections on Tuesday, June 11th.  Find links to results here....

17th Senate District (Albemarle, Louisa, Orange) - Republican Bryce Reeves is the incumbent Senator, running for reelection.  He is being challenged by Rich Breeden.  The Democrats competing in the primary are S.

10th House District (Frederick, Clarke) - Democrat Wendy Gooditis is the incumbent Delegate, running for reelection.  Her Republican challenger in the general election is Randall Minchew.  Because each candidate is unopposed within each party, the primary election was canceled.

WMRA Daily 6/7/19

Jun 7, 2019

A national rating of nursing homes gives a failing grade to one facility in Fishersville, citing patient abuse and failure to provide medicine properly…  One appeal challenging the Atlantic Coast Pipeline could be heard by the U.S. Supreme Court…  Thousands of visitors attend a remembrance honoring veterans at the National D-Day Memorial in Bedford....

WMRA Daily 6/6/19

Jun 6, 2019

Gold Star parent and Donald Trump critic Khizr Khan will deliver the keynote address at the July 4 naturalization ceremony at Monticello…  A look at the overlooked resurgence of parts of rural Virginia…  We tap into some magic, with local players of the fantasy game Magic: The Gathering, ahead of a big tournament in Richmond later this year….

WMRA Daily 6/5/19

Jun 5, 2019

Governor Northam calls for votes and laws, not thoughts and prayers, in response to Virginia Beach… Republican leaders in the General Assembly say that’s unlikely… Virginia agriculture officials quarantine Winchester and Frederick County to stop the spread of an invasive insect….

WMRA Daily 6/4/19

Jun 4, 2019

Plaintiffs in a civil lawsuit over white supremacist violence in Charlottesville say the defendants are withholding information in the case, and should be punished…  We explore whether public schools in Virginia are doing all they can to help students who don’t get enough to eat...  We begin an occasional series on housing in our area….

WMRA Daily 6/3/19

Jun 3, 2019

A lumber company in Crozet gets slapped with a $24,000 fine due to the death of an employee last year…  The number of homeless people in the Shenandoah Valley, especially children, is rising…  After the brutal abuse of a pit bull named Tommie, animal cruelty is now a felony in Virginia….

WMRA Daily 5/31/19

May 31, 2019

Regulators deny Costco’s bid to shop for an electricity provider other than Dominion…  Voters are about to vote in primaries across Virginia, but the Supreme Court is still considering a challenge to a dozen districts…  One man is trying to help right the wrong done to African American students in Prince Edward County during the era of school segregation….

WMRA Daily 5/30/19

May 30, 2019

In a town hall meeting in Amherst, Ben Cline calls Washington a circus, and claims the Mueller report closes the book on the Trump campaign’s involvement with Russia in 2016…  Developers of the Mountain Valley Pipeline urge a judge to remove the last remaining tree-sitters blocking construction…  Some residents in Cumberland County fight development of a huge new landfill….