New Hampshire Primary 2020: Live Results And Analysis

After Iowa's debacle, the Democratic presidential nominating contest has moved to New Hampshire. Follow NPR's coverage for the latest updates and then, when the polls close in the Granite State Tuesday night, live results and analysis. Copyright 2020 NPR. To see more, visit Loading...

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Charlottesville, VA – Deep brain stimulation involves the surgical implantation of a brain pacemaker, which sends electrical impulses to specific parts of the brain. At present, the procedure is used only for Parkinson's patients whose symptoms cannot be adequately controlled with medications.

Dr. Robert Spekman has Parkinson's Disease. Following is a two-part narrative he calls "Reclaiming My Body: A Journey with Deep Brain Stimulation."


Books & Brews, Feb 11 & 12

Russ Eanes discussing his book, The Walk of a Lifetime.

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Polls are closing in New Hampshire, where the first primary of 2020 was held on Tuesday.

After receiving a warm bipartisan reception in the U.S. Congress, the man the Trump administration recognizes as Venezuela's interim president, Juan Guaidó, returns to Caracas.

The price the U.S. has paid trying to build up infrastructure and a working system of governance in Afghanistan, while at the same time waging Washington's longest war there, has typically been measured in dollars.

The more than $137 billion the U.S. has spent implementing that 18-year nation-building effort in Afghanistan well exceeds, in today's dollars, what the U.S. spent on the Marshall Plan to help rebuild 16 Western European nations after World War II.

The silence was broken suddenly and unexpectedly. A woman burst out from a tent at Dover Air Force Base where families waited for a ceremony marking the return of their loved ones' remains to U.S. soil.

Screaming and running toward a massive gray C-17 transport plane, the woman made it part way up the ramp toward the cargo hold, her footsteps reverberating on the metal ramp as relatives and a service member tried to catch her and hold her back.

Two historic bonsai trees have been stolen, and the Pacific Bonsai Museum in Federal Way, Wash., is putting out a call to get them back.

"These are priceless treasures that belong to our community. And their stories deserve to be preserved and shared broadly," museum Executive Director Kathy McCabe tells NPR. "So please bring them back."

Around 7 a.m. on Sunday morning, two thieves forced their way into the public display of the museum and made off with two roughly 50-pound bonsai: a Japanese black pine and a silverberry.

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