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Involuntarily-Inked Va Kids Could Get Out-of-State Help


Two Virginia girls involuntarily tattooed by their babysitter could get free removal treatments by a good Samaritan from the North. Michael Mucklow of GO! Tattoo Removal in Kutztown, Pennsylvania, offered to de-ink the unfortunate children (according to a recent article in YourJewishNews). The babysitter was arrested and charged with several offenses including malicious wounding of a child. The girls' mother  along with the mother's boyfriend  were  charged as well --due to their attempt to cut or sear away the ink with a hot blade rather than seeking professional tattoo removal. Though the incident occurred in a tiny town located between Farmville and Lynchburg, the story has gone worldwide --including coverage in Richmond, LA, London, and even Mumbay.


Terry Ward was a WMRA producer and announcer from 1997 to 2016.
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