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The WMRA/WEMC Art Space is open to the public Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm.Directions to the WMRA/WEMC Studios in Harrisonburg.Visitors without JMU parking permits should use the marked visitor parking spaces (the long row of spaces close to the CVS store). Information sheets about the exhibits are on the lamp table at the front door.Photography other than by news media or by artist-authorized persons is not permitted.The art tour area includes only the main hallways. Please respect the privacy of staff offices and broadcast studios.

Master and Apprentice (CLOSED)

Art Show. Pat Jarrett's "Master and Apprentice" series of poster-sized color photos of workplace-trainees and their mentors. Pictures include blacksmiths, cobblers, tribal dancers, singers, instrument-makers, printers, cheese-makers, and others. Pat is a past guest of WMRA's "The Spark," where he recalled a long career in news photography.  His current specialty is "nonfiction visuals" (his phrase) which often have a picturesque aesthetic in spite of their officially-documentary nature. Pat captured the exhibit's images for the Virginia Folklife Program --specifically, their "Master and Apprentice" activity.

Map to the sitePast exhibits.

Bing map: http://binged.it/1lroooi

Terry Ward was a WMRA producer and announcer from 1997 to 2016.
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