Andrew Jenner

When we talk about immigration, we often focus on the opportunities that attract people to the United States.

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Oct 1, 2014

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Sep 29, 2014

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On Saturday (Sept. 27), more than 40 cultures and countries and at least 53 languages will come together at a park in Harrisonburg.

Andrew Jenner

Under the best of circumstances, the path to U.S. citizenship for immigrants can take years.

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Once-a-Decade Black Poetry Conference Returns

Sep 22, 2014

The Furious Flower Poetry Conference is a much-anticipated gathering of poets and scholars.

Andrew Jenner

Like other communities across Virginia, residents of Rockingham County are wrestling with a big problem...

Daniel Beaty plays more than 40 characters as a slave ship rises in front of the statue of Liberty in present-day New York City. 

Andrew Jenner

What do you find at your local farmer’s market?

Plenty of people toy with the idea of writing a book, but few will actually get published, and by the time we reach our mid-60’s, those dreams may fade.

Saturday September 20th, WMRA is celebrating A Prairie Home Companion's 40th anniversary season with a live videocast at Blue Sprocket Sound, 44 Miller circle in Harrisonburg. The event is SOLD OUT.

The pilot of the military jet that crashed Wednesday morning in Augusta County died in the crash, officials say. No one on the ground was injured, and the investigation continues into the cause of the crash.

The pilot’s name is being withheld until family members can be notified.*

Andrew Jenner

How do you bring farmers, environmentalists, Republicans and Democrats in Virginia together? 

Due to a power failure at our main transmitter site (WMRA 90.7) we were off the air from 11:45am to 12:05pm in the valley at 90.7fm, and in Winchester at 94.5fm.  Power crews needed to replace components in a power substation.

Classical music is now a more prominent part of the daily broadcasts on WEMC including showcases of some of the nation’s premiere symphony orchestras.

We’re now featuring live performances from the Chicago Symphony, the Pittsburgh Symphony and the New York Philharmonic, as well as performances by the Chamber Society of Lincoln Center and highlights from Germany’s Deutsche Welle Festival Concerts. We’re also giving you a second opportunity to hear Mostly Mennonite, Mostly Accapella and Air Play.

Our Lexington transmitter, WMLU 89.9fm, is on the air and broadcasting.  We were off the air earlier today due to a generator failure on the campus of VMI, where our transmitter is located.

Most of us can remember a week spent as teenagers a little ways from home canoeing, hiking, swimming, playing softball, getting sunburned, and maybe getting homesick.

It’s been nearly two months since a train derailed in Lynchburg, sending a fireball into the sky above that city’s downtown and spilling oil into the James River.  Experts said the accident could have been far worse, and many communities along the state’s 32-hundred miles of railroad face similar dangers.

Sandy Hausman has this series on rail safety and why the risks have risen dramatically.

On Monday, June 30, two Virginia Democrats teamed up with two Virginia Republicans in a hearing into combatting sea level rise along the eastern shore.

With the release of a new report today, Republicans in the House of Delegates drew a firm constitutional line against Governor Terry McAuliffe.

Ed Gillespie is a Republican political strategist, former Chairman of the Republican National Committee, and was also an advisor to President George W. Bush.

Our Charlottesville transmitter (WMRY) was off the air from Thursday night to Friday morning, but we're now back up to full power.

Virginia Public Radio is reporting that the three-month budget impasse has ended. 

The WMRA June Fundraiser ended Friday, June 6, with over $70,000 raised.

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Charlottesville Sustainability Summit - June 21

Jun 6, 2014

Saturday afternoon, June 21st, WMRA is hosting the next Sustainability Summit in Charlottesville. You are invited to join us at the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities as we begin to craft the future for WMRA. What goals do you think we should pursue... and how can we get there together?

The American Liszt Society was founded 50 years ago to honor and promote the music of Hungarian composer Franz Liszt, with annual concerts and conferences around the country.

Virginia Senator Mark Warner yesterday called for the resignation of Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki.

He’s been on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.  He’s appeared on Oprah.