Christopher Clymer Kurtz

In October, reports by ProPublica and the New York Times highlighted racial disparities between whites and non-whites in the nation’s public schools. A companion story in the Times focused on the wide gap between whites and blacks in Charlottesville city schools, and cited the Southern legacy of Jim Crow and segregation. One way of measuring the gap is looking at disparities in who is enrolled in Advanced Placement courses. WMRA’s Christopher Clymer Kurtz looks at some of the results in the Shenandoah Valley.

WMRA Daily 11/20/18

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All that revenue expected from the flood of taxing online sales in Virginia?  Not so much… DMV says nearly one in six Virginians don’t use seat belts, and that’s an increase over last year… We look at racial disparities in advanced placement enrollment in Valley high schools….

Andrew Jenner

With the midterm dust settling, Virginia Senator Mark Warner stopped in Harrisonburg on Saturday afternoon to talk about his priorities and expectations for the months ahead.

WMRA Daily 11/19/18

Nov 19, 2018

Senator Mark Warner visits Harrisonburg… The top Democrat in the House of Delegates says he will leave his leadership role… Maybe two heads are NOT better than one – that two-headed snake found in Virginia in September – it passed away, peacefully….

WMRA Daily 11/16/18

Nov 16, 2018

Thousands of residents and businesses are without power after Thursday’s ice storm… After two members of the state air pollution board question the impact of a compressor station in Buckingham County, Governor Northam removes them, and environmental groups cry foul… More money provides an extra boost for breast cancer research at UVa….

WMRA Daily 11/15/18

Nov 15, 2018

Legal battles continue over last year’s Unite the Right Rally… One Virginia Democrat who will lead a congressional committee next term wants to raise the federal minimum wage… It’s not a Hitchcock movie, but a flock of BIRD scooters has invaded Harrisonburg…

Bob Leweke

If you’ve spent any time in downtown Harrisonburg recently, you’ve almost certainly noticed a sudden influx of black and white scooters all over the sidewalks.  JMU students seem to love them, but the scooter invasion is not without controversy, and risk.  WMRA’s Christopher Clymer Kurtz reports.

WMRA Daily 11/14/18

Nov 14, 2018

The U-S Supreme Court will hear an appeal by Virginia Republicans over racial gerrymandering… A statewide bus tour of Virginia colleges promoting the Equal Rights Amendment will visit campuses in Charlottesville and the Shenandoah Valley Wednesday…  Virginia explores ways to lower the cost of healthcare for inmates….

In early October, the Staunton School Board voted to change the name of the city’s Robert E. Lee High School. Last night, they picked its new name. WMRA’s Andrew Jenner reports.

WMRA Daily 11/13/18

Nov 13, 2018

It’s official – Staunton High will be the new, old name of the city’s public high school… A look at why eviction rates are so high in Virginia… We preview the film festival in Harrisonburg that is unlike any other, and it’s Super Gr8!....

Here’s a description of a typical film festival:  over 100 movies are screened in a few days from countries all over the world from lesser known directors and film companies.  By the end of the event, you’re lucky if you had a chance to even see half of the movies presented and the ones you did see, you may not even remember.  The Super GR8 film festival is nothing like that.  

Emptying the house she grew up in was tough for Marietta McCarty but she also found joy during the process.  She’ll talk about her experience clearing out her childhood home at WMRA’s Books & Brews - Tuesday, November 13 in Harrisonburg at Pale Fire Brewing Co. and November 14 in Crozet at Pro Re Nata Farm Brewery.  WMRA’s Chris Boros spoke with McCarty and asked her about the fi

WMRA Daily 11/12/18

Nov 12, 2018

A bike shop owner in Harrisonburg is being criticized after a photo of him in blackface was widely shared on social media… A vote on a controversial compressor station for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline has been delayed for another month… Meanwhile, one church near that construction in Buckingham County is telling the stories of its veterans in a new self-published book….

Emily Richardson-Lorente

There are many ways to honor Veterans on Veteran’s Day, but one of the easiest may be simply listening to their stories. One church in Buckingham County has taken that a step further, and self-published the stories of the veterans in its congregation. WMRA’s Emily Richardson-Lorente went to meet a few of the contributors.

WMRA Daily 11/9/18

Nov 9, 2018

Hundreds of supporters of Robert Mueller's independent investigation rally in local cities, part of a nationwide show of support… We return to Buckingham County, where opponents of construction for part of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline say it threatens a historically black community… A deep look at depression and suicide among first responders, and how one couple from Harrisonburg are trying to help….

WMRA Daily 11/8/18

Nov 8, 2018

Virginia’s election of three new women to Congress was one of the largest gains for women in the country on Election Day…. Some women in Virginia trace inspiration for their political activism back to Shirley Chisholm’s election 50 years ago…  The election is over, but Virginia Democrats already have eyes on next year, when they hope to take over the General Assembly….

WMRA Daily 11/7/18

Nov 7, 2018

Sure we’ve got coverage of Tuesday’s elections, but that’s not all!  The Jon Stickley Trio comes to Harrisonburg this week, and we’ll get a sample of their music….

Progressive roots music will ring out Thursday, November 8, in Harrisonburg at Clementine Café with the Jon Stickley Trio.  WMRA’s Chris Boros spoke with Jon about his music.

WMRA Daily 11/6/18

Nov 6, 2018

The latest on the challenge to Virginia’s ban on uranium mining, in a case before the Supreme Court this week… The University of Virginia has developed scalpel-free surgery for Parkinson’s patients… Today is Election Day in Virginia, and nationwide….

Virginia ballot measures to be voted on this election: Veterans, and waterfont property tax break

2018 Senate Race   

Congressional Candidates

WMRA Daily 11/5/18

Nov 5, 2018

Virginia faces a huge bill for unexpected Medicaid costs, and that could limit funding for other needs, including public schools…  Immigrant supporters rally in Harrisonburg as part of a nationwide effort supporting immigrants with Temporary Protected Status, or T-P-S…  What will voter turnout look like on Tuesday?  We’ll have a prediction….

WMRA Daily 11/2/18

Nov 2, 2018

The Charlottesville School Board votes unanimously to prohibit students from wearing clothing with Confederate imagery… The most popular new name for Staunton's high school is... Staunton High School…  A mystery noise in Crozet, that’s no longer a mystery – sort of….

Andrew Jenner

Just before Halloween, a mystery that has been the talk of Crozet in recent weeks appears to have been solved.  WMRA's Andrew Jenner reports on a noise that's been going "hum" in the night.

Wikipedia Commons

Corey Stewart is the Republican nominee for United States Senate in the state of Virginia. He supports President Trump’s America First policies. Stewart supports permanent tax cuts, and has stated that he believes that every illegal immigrant arrested should be deported, and he supports banning sanctuary cities. Stewart is also in favor of defunding Planned Parenthood. 
Stewart's Campaign website
Corey Stewart on Ballotpedia



Dave Brat is the Republican candidate for Congress in Virginia's seventh district. Brat opposes the Affordable Care Act and wants to replaces it with a free-market solution. Brat advocates introducing a balanced budget amendment that forces Congress to cut federal spending. Brat supports reforming the current immigration policies to provide individuals a path to legally gain citizenship.


Barbara Comstock is the incumbent Republican candidate for Congress in Virginia's tenth district. Comstock supported the $600 billion tax relief package. Comstock also supports the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and a budget that would increase defense spending by $40 billion. Comstock voted for and supports the 21st century cure act in terms of healthcare.


Ben Cline is the Republican candidate for Congress in Virginia's sixth district. Cline advocates for the America First Policy.  Cline suports implementing permanent tax cuts as well as banning funding and support for sanctuary cities. Cline also supports legislation that limits the state use of drones in Virginia.


Denver Riggleman III is the Republican candidate for Congress in Virginia's fifth district. Riggleman supports implementing permanent tax cuts and believes that tax cuts should be used to create a personal health care savings account. Riggleman advocates for expanded funding options for eductation to give parents choice in terms of their children's education.


WMRA Daily 11/1/18

Nov 1, 2018

Just weeks after a wave of electric scooters arrive in Harrisonburg, a woman is seriously injured on a scooter in a hit-and-run...  Enrollment through Medicaid expansion begins today, November 1st… One year after a wave of women were elected to the General Assembly, a wave of women are hoping to do the same for Virginia’s Congressional delegation….

Marguerite Gallorini

Tuesday night [Oct. 30] was the 13th Annual Assembly of the Interfaith Movement Promoting Action by Congregations Together, or IMPACT for short. And the focus of the faith community yesterday was: affordable housing. WMRA's Marguerite Gallorini attended the assembly at the First Presbyterian Church in downtown Charlottesville.