Fundraising Comments From Our Members

Sep 4, 2018

"I look forward to my drive to work every morning and home every evening because of WMRA."
     Justin - Woodstock, VA

"Love wait wait dont tell me and factual news."
     Pamela - Lexington, VA

"Thank you for intelligent and empathetic news coverage.  I particularly enjoy the diversity of NPR team members and their viewpoints — keep up the great work!"
     Laurel - Crimora, VA

"WMRA and NPR have become part of my day and provide a full point of view on today's news topics."
     Howard - Harrisonburg, VA

"I love listening to WMRA as I get my day going before work and as I relax on the weekends."
     Mary Jo - Charlottesville, VA

"I am a new member although I should've contributed much sooner! Being an adult is hard and you all make it that much easier by keeping me informed with the facts! Thank you!"
     Amanda - Harrisonburg, VA

"Thank you for your broad range presentation of the news and listening to all callers."
     Paul - Earlysville, VA

"Thank you for  enriching and enlivening countless brunch lunch and dinner discussions."
     Patricia - Free Union, VA

"I'm a Sustainer just adding an extra donation because WMRA is such an important source of news, culture and entertainment for me. Thanks for all you do!"
     Barbara - Woodstock, VA

"WMRA makes a difference!"
       Stanley - Staunton , VA 

"Thank you for keeping me informed on the important issues and I appreciate the informative and enlightening interviews you provide on the various programs."
       Karen - Timberville , VA 

"I have been listening to you guys for several years now and this is my second year as a sustainer. Love everything that you guys do keep up the great work and Thank you!"
       Jonathan - Staunton , VA 

"I can't imagine my day without WMRA."
       Susan - Afton, VA 

"Thank you for being a part of my life and time in my studio. Saturday and Sunday NPR is on all day while I work in my sculpture studio and adds another layer to my creative process. I particularly love TED talks and other interviews with creative and inventive people."
       Michael - Bridgewater, VA

"We are new members and happy to support our local NPR radio station."
       David & Erin - Charlottesville, VA

"Love the programming, especially the news and Science Friday."
        Kirk & Norma - Bridgewater, VA

"New members - my wife and I just moved to Virginia and are switching our membership from Colorado Public Radio to WMRA. Life-long NPR listeners and feel great supporting our local station. Thank you for all that you do and for all that you bring the lives of listeners like us!"
       Eben & Sierra - Charlottesville, VA

"No fake news here. NPR is as real as it gets. Love it."
       Marion & Antonio - Verona, VA

"Realized I needed a voice of reason in this world. Thanks."
       Katie - Harrisonburg, VA

"I listen to public radio all the time. I love the local reporting."
       Steven - Keswick, VA

"I am a new member, giving today because I have become a daily listener and wanted to support the programming I enjoy... or in today's political climate, at least feel informed if it's not always news I want to hear. Thank you."
       Anonymous - Waynesboro, VA

"WMRA is the most rational news service I can find."
      Karen - Charlottesville, VA

"I'm a new member. Over the past two years I have come to appreciate even more WMRA/NPR's balanced coverage of the news and the interesting variety of programs offered. This year, I want to begin supporting this on a regular basis as a sustaining member. Thank you for being my daily source for news and entertainment."
       Kristin - Harrisonburg, VA 

"We count on WMRA as our reliable news source. We enjoy Acoustic Cafe and This American Life for Saturday refreshment."
       Keith & Linda - Harrisonburg, VA