The Fading Stars and Distant Ground

Feb 13, 2017

Credit Jessica Wilson

When was the last time you looked up at night and were awed by the stars? Or how about going for a walk and really feeling the ground beneath your feet? Paul Bogard has been thinking about these very universal experiences and how we’ve eliminated them from our day to day existence.

Paul Bogard is our February Books and Brews featured author and Matt Bingay recently chatted with him about his exploration of the ground beneath us and the night sky above us.  Matt began the conversation by asking about Paul's research into the negative effects of light pollution.

Paul Bogard will be speaking Tuesday night, Feb. 14 at 7pm, at Pale Fire Brewing Company in Harrisonburg.  Since this is also Valentine’s Day, our co-sponsor, Gearharts Fine Chocolates in downtown Charlottesville will be providing a few sweets.